Monday, February 9, 2009

Shape Me, Sculpt Me, Studio Sculpt Me

To continue on with the new releases from MAC this week, I have up for review Studio Sculpt Foundation and Studio Sculpt Concealer.

Studio Sculpt is MAC's first gel based foundation meant to offer up medium to full coverage. It is being touted as moisturizing, long wearing, and revitalizing; smoothing the skin and providing a satin finish.

I am going to preface this review with 2 facts. 1. My skin is normal/combination at times. In these winter months I am slighty drier than normal but not overly so and 2.I am not a fan of MAC foundations. Having tried Studio Tech (too heavy), Face & Body (not the right coverage), and Satin finish liquid(broke me out); I was always left wanting something that each formula didn't have. I approached this new foundation and concealer trepidatiously to say the very least.

With low expectations, I took this foundation for a test drive last Thursday and Friday. I was matched to NW15 in the foundation and NW20 in the concealer which was right on par with previous color matchings for me.

So how did these perform? I am happy to report that MAC finally has a winner on their hands (in my humble opinion of course). The concealer is rich and creamy, and you can tell it will adhere well to the skin because its sticky! Not sticky in an uncomfortable way, but sticky in a way that makes it stay put on the skin. It is moisturizing, covers well, and stays put- MAC gets a gold star for that one.

The foundation definitely feels like a gel yet applies light and even much like a mousse; a little bit goes a long way. I chose to go with medium coverage, and a pea sized amount was enough to cover my face and provide my skin with a dewy and smooth finish. Wear was great too as this lasted through 12 hours without a setting powder on top and with no fading. Quite a feat when braving negative wind chills. It didn't feel heavy, and it didn't break me out- also 2 positives. I must say, the final result was flawless!

My only gripe about this foundation is that it doesn't photograph well. The light reflecting elements that give this foundation its slightly dewy finish don't play well with flash photography, giving that dreaded pale faced look. This is a negative in my book since I am big on the pictures (kind of like Tom was really into Katie back in his couch jumping days). This only means that I might think twice before using this foundation when I know I will be photographed.

All in all this is a great foundation from MAC. Definitely has changed the way I look at MAC foundations.

Krasey's Rating: B+

In this pic I am just wearing Studio Sculpt Foundation and concealer, with a hint of Blonde MSF to bring some color to my cheeks. Flawless dewy coverage- you betcha!


Hannah said...

"(kind of like Tom was really into Katie back in his couch jumping days)" BEST PHRASE in this post! :)

And my new fave word for the day is trepidatiously.

<3 you Adina!! I will definitely go check this foundation out!

elegant-one said...

Adina, you look stunning in that picture!

hahaha on the couch jumping comment ;)

Krasey Beauty said...

Yay! I am glad you all like my witticisms ;)

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog gals <3

Ernie said...

Your skin looks flawless!
I never liked Mac foundation till this one either. I really like it and the concealer as well.Happy Dance.

Jessica said...

Thanks Adina!! I really need to try this foundation.

Krasey Beauty said...

Ernie, thank you so much! I agree this is the first good foundation MAC has come out with. Is it bad that I am still loyal to MUFE though? ;)
Jessica, not a problem doll!

purrtykitty said...

Yay, I can't wait to try the concealor out. I'm lovin' this blog!

Krasey Beauty said...

I'm excited for you to get it! Thanks so much for the feedback doll!

JeNi said...

This is laguayaca by the by...ugh I am so jealous I totally want to try this but i dont live near a counter I have oily skin and I dont know how this would do with my skin. I think it looks good on you everyone is raving on this must have it seems like!

Krasey Beauty said...

Jeni, i highly recommend you try to obtain a sample from someone as it is getting some mixed reviews, esp from people with oily skin.

Good luck and thanks for following ;)

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