Thursday, December 31, 2009

Your Weekly Dose of the Glamarazzi

Edited by Dani

As the year draws to a close, people use many different ways to say goodbye to 2009... Some reminisce over events of the past, nostalgically recalling people, places, and really killer parties. Others, like myself, prepare by dreaming big and getting excited for the future. Speaking of which, I am so thrilled to start the new year as co-editor of the Glamarazzi! Iggi and Keedah have graciously allowed me to jump into rotation on their project, and I'm excited to read some amazing posts! Also in the spirit of newness, please welcome the latest addition to the glamily, Adina from KraseyBeauty. Her blog is fantastic, and I'm sure we'll continue to see amazing posts from her! Welcome Adina!

And as always, new members are always welcome. If you would like to be involved in the "Glamarazzi" get the details here.

Happy New Year everyone! Be safe, be smart, and be I have to tell you!

Urban Decay Meets Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows Sneak Peek!

Its here, its here! Urban Decay has finally given us news of the palette. Squeeee!

You can sign up to be the first to know when it launches, all by filling out your information on the webpage. While there is no definitive date yet, signing up does mean you will hear about it first! In the meantime, here are some more images for you!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Urban Decay Spring 2010 Sneak Peek!

This just in, courtesy of Urban Decay's Twitter- some sneak peek swatches of the eyeshadows from the Spring 2010 collection!

My eyes spy lots of sparkle and pop. What do you all think?

Digital Diversions from the Ideeli Blog

It is no secret that I am a huge huge fan of online sample saling, and ideeli happens to be one of the best sites out there. Just a few weeks ago I snagged an absolutely gorgeous Valentino dress at a steal of a deal!

Anywho, I bet you all didn't know that Ideeli has its very own blog, did you? Right now they have some fun polls running, so I am hoping you will join in me in stopping by and answering the questions. They are super short (only one question!), and take only a minute. Perfect if you are looking for a little diversion too.

The "ideel" You New Year's Poll

Vote! 2009 Celebrity Style Maven Poll

2009 Fashion Recap and Poll

And that my dears, is my diversion of the day. ;)

*This post contains an affiliate link.

China Glaze Up and Away

Springs pastel trend are looking pretty adorable right now. Besides the ultra-fantastic Reverie Collection from Zoya, China Glaze is bringing the cute as well with Up and Away, a collection of 12 poppy pastels.

Popping with optimistic brights and sweet pastels, China Glaze takes you Up and Away with a collection that provides seamless and even coverage in each rich, crème formulation.

The collection includes:

Grape Pop – bright plum
Sugar High – petal pink
Something Sweet – cotton candy
Light As Air – periwinkle
Heli - Yum – raspberry
Flyin’ High – teal
Four Leaf Clover – kelly green
Re-Fresh Mint – spearmint
Peachy Keen – nectar
High Hopes – guava
Happy Go Lucky – sunshine yellow
Lemon Fizz – banana
    I am actually wondering how Re-Fresh Mint will compare to Chanel's Jade and Essie's Mint Candy Apple. All in all this looks like a fun collection to be had.

    Which colors are you lemming?

    Tuesday, December 29, 2009

    Ask me anything

    Nephew's Birthday FOTD

    As promised, here is an fotd from this past Saturday, celebrating my nephew's tenth birthday. The dinner itself was a casual affair at a lovely Turkish restaurant in Brooklyn. A good time was had by one and all.

    To see what I used, and for more pics- take the jump!

    Unsung Beauty Heroes- Ardell False Lashes

    One of the things I have come to learn both in my own application experience, and with applying makeup on others, is that nothing has the ability to open up your eyes more than a pair of false eyelashes. Whether you are looking to accentuate what you already have, or to compensate for what you don't, falsies have the ability to make any girl feel like a glamour queen. I have been known to dish out the big bucks for the lash big-guns, but when I want to fringe out on the cheap, I always turn to Ardell.

    Monday, December 28, 2009

    My Illamasqua Prize Goodies- Swatches

    This post is a long overdue one. Wayyyyy back in September, I entered and won Mizz Worthy's Illamasqua Heroes and Villains contest. Literally jumping up and down with excitement, I promptly picked out 3 gorgeous shades of eyeshadow for my prize.

    Well, I actually took these swatch pictures a few days after receiving them, but am just now getting around to posting them. So, without further adieu, here are Anja (Sky Blue), Can Can (Lavender Pink), and Intense (deep, inky navy).

    Sunday, December 27, 2009

    PBSA (Public Beauty Service Announcement)- YSL Spring 2010 Available for Pre-Order

    Heads up Bellas, the Yves St Laurent Spring 2010 makeup collection is available for Pre-Order right now. It seems to be the trend that luxury brands are already giving us a taste of spring beauty in the drab cold of winter, and I kind of like it.

    Friday, December 25, 2009

    Merry Christmas

    I hope you all have enjoyed my past two months of holiday-beauty related posts. With my holiday of Chanukah already past, I am now gearing up to celebrate Christmas with my boyfriend and his family.

    My boyfriend's livingroom.

    My next few days will be full of dinners, gatherings, and a birthday celebration or two. Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday, full of joy and happiness. Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled beauty programming, coming back your way next week.

    Thursday, December 24, 2009

    Products That Rocked my Beauty World in 2009- Part 1

    Looking back on 2009, I want to take the time to highlight the products that rocked my beauty loving world. With so many innovations, so many new beauty discoveries, and so many new products tried and tested, some things I just keep going back to. Here are some of my top picks of the year.

    Zoya Nail Polish

    It is no secret that I am head over heels, krasey in love with Zoya Nail Polishes. 2009 saw so many amazing collections, and I really cannot wait to see what those fun-loving polish fairies have in store for us for 2010.

    Make-Up Designory Eyeshadows
    I LOVE me some eyeshadow, so give me amazing shades with intense pigmentation and I just might be your bff. Imagine my excitement in stumbling upon MUD line of eyeshadows, a brand that quickly caught up and became a solid fixture in my top eye shadows category. Stay tuned for more from MUD in 2010.

    Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant
    In my line of work, I have tried tons of tinted facial moisturizers. And of all those I have come across, Jan Marini tops the list with the beautiful and beneficial daily face protectant, packed with skin-loving ingredients that leave my face looking glowy and fabulous.

    Sultra Seductress FlatIron
    I just spent a whole post regaling you all with tales of my hair's new best friend. Sultra is the most amazing iron I have tried, EVER. I love it so much that I would hug it, and cuddle it, and gaze at it adoringly all day.

    Stay tuned for more of my top picks. Meanwhile, tell me yours!

    Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    Alice in Wonderland + Urban Decay = LOVE in a Palette

    This just in, a tidbit from Sephora's very own, Beauty And The Blog. On December 28th, Urban Decay will be launching a special edition Book of Shadows!!

    From Beauty and The Blog:
    In honor of Tim Burton's upcoming film, Alice in Wonderland, Urban Decay's launching quite the magical Book of Shadows on 12/28!

    Tucked inside a hidden drawer lies 16 best-selling eyeshadows, with names like White Rabbit, Jabberwocky, and Oraculum. A travel-size Primer Potion and two 24/7 Eye Pencils are also included to round out your eye look. Our favorite part? The top opens to reveal a pop-up scene of Alice in the mushroom forest, which abounds with towering mushrooms and a very peculiar, hookah-smoking caterpillar.

    WANT WANT WANT. Who else is with me?!

    Tarte on Sale at Ideeli!

    Tarte Cosmetics are on Sale, and Ideeli is the place to get it!

    Starting at 11 AM, and for a limited time only. Ideeli will have all of your Tarte favorites at prices up to 50% off! Now is the time to stock up on all your favorites at a steal of  a deal.

    I love a good sale, and this Tarte sale is not one to be missed. Check it out by clicking the image below. I promise that you won't be sorry you did.

    *This post contains an affiliate link.

    Happy Birthdays!

    Happy Birthday to my little monkey, Daniel, who turns ten years old today! We will be celebrating his special day in style this coming Saturday. Yay!

    And a very Happy Birthday to my mom, who turned 62 yesterday. She is far too modest, and insisted we don't go out for her special day. Boooo Mama, boooo.

    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Giveaway Winners!

    Wanted to announce the winners of my EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Giveaway. They are....


    Ladies, please send your address over to And congratulations!!

    Stay tuned for more fun giveaways. I have an especially big one coming up for February (my one year anniversary). ;)

    Holiday Gift Guide- More for Hair Styling

    Well folks, while the holiday posts are starting to wind down, I figured I would go for one last hurrah in the hair category and include some more quick holiday gift ideas, to prevent those hairy situations.

    Last Minute Holiday Gifts-Beautify your Home with Casa di Francesca

    Why should our pulse points be the only spots that we get to 'decorate' with delicious scents. It isn't only your body that has the potential for perfumed greatness, but the space all around you as well. All you need is a flat surface, and you can create your very own scent-sational getaway. On that note, Casa di Francesca brings a touch of beauty to the home with it's wonderful array of home fragrance diffusers.

    Divine in both scent and simplicity, Casa di Francesca brings sophistication to a space, turning any room into a personal oasis.

    You can find Casa di Francesca online, on their website. It makes a great gift for the scent lover in your life.

    *A sample of this product was sent by PR for post consideration

    Monday, December 21, 2009

    A New Twist on an Old Favorite

    Don't you just love when a company listens to our concerns, and accommodates to our needs?

    Such was the case with one of my morning makeup staples. Those of you who recall my review, know that I am a big fan of Chella's Matte Finish Morning Crema with SPF 25. I loved the product and what it did for my skin; the tub of product that was prone to breaking, not so much. Fortunately, Chella has solved that pesky little packaging problem by changing the delivery system to an airless pump. Same great formula, awesome new packaging.

    Is there a certain brand's packaging that you just can't stand? One you love? Tell me in the comments!

    Holiday Beauty Gift Guide- More to Stuff Your Stockings

    For those of you still looking for some tidbits to stuff in those stockings, here are a couple of options, and all under $40!

    Sunday, December 20, 2009

    Glamour Squad Weekly Reads

    The Beauty Alchemist gets smokin' with Cover Girl's New Smoky ShadowBlast

    Adina of Krasey Beauty takes you to the future with a detailed review of the Chanel Spring 2010 collection.

    Butterflydiary finds that acne can be cured at a touch with Zeno Hot Spot.

    Clumps of Mascara find that water intake is beautiful!

    The Product Pasha helps you find the perfect fragrant gift for the scent-snob in your life.

    DivaDebbi gives you Part One of her favorites for 2009.

    Thinking of popping the question? Aly shares some fun places to stash that ring!

    Snowed In

    This past weekend held one of the most intense snow storms I have ever seen. I am currently sitting in my boyfriend's house, out east, marveling over how we are caught under over a foot of snow.

    While I can appreciate the beauty of a Winter Wonderland, I do not appreciate the cabin fever. For those of you that are not on the East Coast, what is the most intense snowstorm that you can remember?

    Friday, December 18, 2009

    China Glaze Khrome Collection- Review and Swatches

    Like liquid metal for your digits, these China Glaze polishes would have any metallic lover doing a double-take, and then reaching for their credit cards.

    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    Holiday Gift Guide- Fun Jewelry

    Hard to believe, but this holiday season has me looking at more than just makeup for personal additions to my own accessory collection, and of course for holiday gifting.

    *Pretty to look at, but lets find some to wear

    Holiday Beauty Gift Guide- Pureology

    Holiday season or not, can any of us afford to have anything less than fabulous hair? The answer to that one should be a resounding no. Offering up a fantastic array of products for those who rock hair color that they were not born with, Pureology goes one step further and puts everything in a pretty box that is too cute not to gift. With a fabulous array of such holiday giftable goodies for that mane person in your life, what more could a girl ask for?

    Unusual Beauty- The Barbie Manicure

    So I just came across this video, and I must say I am kind of in awe. I know its being marketed as a toy, but I am really intrigued. Could this be an alternative to Konad??

    You can visit the official site here, but it looks like you are out of luck if you want to get your hands on it anytime soon.

    How do we feel about the Barbie Nail Printer?

    Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    Alice in Wonderland- A New Trailer!

    Be excited, be very very excited. I think I might have just passed out, that is how thrilled i am. This movie is going to be amazing, make no mistake.

    Speaking of Dermalogica for the Holidays

    Since I have already introduced you all to Demalogica, I wanted to squeeze in a post about a fabulous starter set they are offering for the holidays, as well as a very special deal.

    Heavenly Hair with the Sultra Seductress Hair Iron

    Being a beauty lover with very discerning tastes, extremely rare are the times I can say that I have fallen head over heels in love with a beauty product, tool, or scent. Now is clearly one such time, and I can officially say that my haircare world has been rocked in a major and totally amazing way. Say privet (hello) to the creme de la creme of hair toolery, the Sultra Seductress Iron. *Warning, be prepared for me to wax poetic about my undying love for this amazing flatiron, because that is exactly what I am about to do.

    Holiday Beauty Gift Guide- Make Up For Ever and Illamasqua

    Of course I had to pair my two favorites in one post. It wouldn't be the holidays without showing some love to both Make Up For Ever and Illamasqua

    Make Up For Ever

    Best of Make Up For Ever Kit

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    Vapour Organic Beauty on ShopNBC

    If there is one thing I love, it is a home shopping network. When you combine my love of tv shopping with my  love for new things in beauty and cosmetics, you get a match made in heaven. And on that note, I wanted to give you all the heads up on a fun tv event happening today and tomorrow on ShopNBC.

    Eric Sakas, make-up artist and co-founder of Vapour Organic Beauty, will be appearing on ShopNBC today and tomorrow to guide us through the hottest holiday trends of the season and also introduce two new products available on ShopNBC.

    Eric will be previewing the Vapour Halo Body Spotlight, a creamy, shimmer stick, and Siren Lip Adore, a sheer gloss lipstick. Both provide a sophisticated shimmer while delivering antioxidants and moisture via Vapour’s exclusive light-as-air, botanically-infused organic base. An added bonus, Vapour Organic Beauty will be offering exclusive discounts during these times only!

    Tune into ShopNBC

    Tuesday, December 15th at 8 PM ET (Part of Beauty Confidential)

    Wednesday, December 16th at
    9 AM (Full Vapour Hour)
    7 PM (Full Vapour Hour)
    11 PM (Full Vapour Hour)

    I will have a Vapour Organic Beauty review for you all very soon. Until then, watch ShopNBC, and get yourself personally acquainted with this lovely line of organic beauty products.

    Holiday FOTD Using Chanel Spring 2010

    I know what you are thinking, that Krasey done did went off the deep end. You are thinking, why the heck would she create a winter fotd using Spring 2010 products?! Alas, Chanel Spring 2010 isn't a very spring-like collection at all. That being said, I also couldn't wait to dive in and create this holiday inspired look.

    To find out what I used, and to see more pics, take the jump!

    Holiday Survival- Combat Wrinkles with M Lab Anti Aging Serum

    In 1513, explorer Juan Ponce de Leon set out to search for the fountain of youth. While he didn't find it in Florida, I do think I have found it here in the form of M Lab's Anti Aging Serum. Packed with the most potent, effective ingredients around, this serum is designed to kick wrinkles to the curb. It doesn't eliminate the stress of the season, but this serum will definitely ensure you don't show the signs of that stress, or your age.

    Chanel Spring 2010 Color Collection

    Let me start off by saying that Saks does not mess around when it comes to releasing collections way, way before their appropriate time. Let me also go ahead and say that I think that Saks was on to something when they put out the Spring 2010 Chanel collection ridiculously early, as the color scheme captures the essence of cold winter nights.

    I am not sure about how all of you felt, but I know I was scratching my head over the soft, tropical colors that Chanel went with for this year's holiday collection. I don't think that soft orange, yellow, and teal has a place amongst tinsel, garland, and lots of snow, but thats just me.

    Fortunately, Saks has launched Spring 2010, which I somehow feel is so much more appropriate. So much so in fact, that I could resist reaching for my card and owning a few of these pieces myself.

    For tons of images, my review, and some gorgeous swatches, take the jump!

    Monday, December 14, 2009

    Holiday Survival- De-Pale Yourself, and Sparkle and Shine this Holiday Season with St Tropez

    "You make me feel like dancin'
    Down on the Riviera
    There's a town called Saint Tropez
    Where a girl like you's a Pachanguera"

    - Ricky Martin "Saint Tropez"

    Latin lover extraordinaire Ricky Martin croons about a place called St Tropez that is clearly where its at, and who can really doubt him? Gorgeous beaches, exotic scenery, and beautifully bronzed people are a part of life. Here in NYC, its skyscrapers, yellow slush, and pale people as far as the eye can see. Sure, we can't all live in paradise, but that doesn't mean we can't have a taste of it with a splash of bronze against an otherwise pale backside... err backdrop. I introduced you all to the wonders of St Tropez's newest quick fix, the Wash Off Line, now lets stroll down a similar (but slightly different) venue. This holiday season, why not rock a defined, bronzed visage to go with that fabulously bronzed body of yours? I have recently discovered bronzing nirvana in the form of St Tropez's cosmetic line.

    MAC Cosmetics 2010- Collection Info, Product Sneak Peeks, and Swatches!


    2010 is looking to be a very beautiful year indeed, and MAC Cosmetics definitely has my makeup loving heart all aflutter. Here is what we can expect early next year. All information is compiled from THE authorities for MAC on the web,, Em of Too Much Blush, and Lushious Beauty.

    Trust me folks, you want to make this jump as I have actual product pics and swatches!!!

    Yves St Laurent Beauty- Friends and Family

    In an unprecedented move, one of my favorite luxury brands is having its very first friends and family sale!! I think the high-end beauty gods have finally answered out prayers.

    Starting today, December 14th, and lasting through December 20th, get 20% off your purchases on Yves St Laurent's website, and get free shipping too! All you have to do is enter code FF2009. Hurrah!

    Who else is indulging? I know I feel another haul coming on for sure.

    Sunday, December 13, 2009

    More on Zoya Reverie- Another Krasey Beauty Exclusive

    As those of you that follow me on Twitter might know, Friday was all about Zoya and the polish fairies in a big, big way. Since it has been a full week since we last rode the Zoya love train, I am going to throw on my conductor's hat and bring out that choo-choo, full speed ahead.

    For sneak peeks, including a swatch, jump on it!

    Glamour Squad Weekly Reads

    Clumps of Mascara loves red lipstick and challenges you to wear your favorite red lippy during the holiday season.

    DivaDebbi is in search of the lost (eyebrow) arch.

    Butterflydiary gives you the Screen Siren Lipstick Guide and tips to achieve stars’ pouts.

    Adina of Krasey Beauty has 3 Ecotools Overnight makeup bags to give away!

    The Beauty Alchemist gets in the holiday spirit with the Annick Goutal Noel Candle

    The Product Pasha lets out her inner holiday diva with a little help from Orly Femme Fatale.

    Saturday, December 12, 2009

    Nars Spring Collection Sneak Peek!

    This comes in Courtesy of Iswii.Net

    The gorgeous Amber Valletta heads the campaign with voluminous blonde locks and gorgeous sculpted cheeks.

    Take the jump for a group product picture

    EcoTools Giveaway

    So, a couple of days ago a little birdy promised you a giveaway.

    I didn't want to make you all wait too long, so here are the details of Krasey Beauty's Eco Tools by Alicia Silverstone giveaway!
    I am giving you tons of chances to enter, in the hopes that you all give it a shot. The more you do, the more entries you earn. Here is the how to:

    1. Leave me a comment here telling me why you want to win
    2. Tweet the following: Hey @KraseyBeauty, I want to win an EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Overnight Bag
    3. Become a fan of EcoTools on Facebook, then comment telling me you have done so.
    4. Become a new follower, comment when you have
    5. Become a facebook fan of KraseyBeauty, comment when you have
    6. Subscribe to KraseyBeauty emails

    Enter as many ways as you like, just let me know that you have. Here is the prize, The EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Overnight Bag. Yours will come brand new and packed in a box. Oh, and the best part? I have 3 to give away!
    Contest ends Thursday, 12/17 at noon est. Good luck!

    *This giveaway is being sponsored by EcoTools. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at
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