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Heavenly Hair with the Sultra Seductress Hair Iron

Being a beauty lover with very discerning tastes, extremely rare are the times I can say that I have fallen head over heels in love with a beauty product, tool, or scent. Now is clearly one such time, and I can officially say that my haircare world has been rocked in a major and totally amazing way. Say privet (hello) to the creme de la creme of hair toolery, the Sultra Seductress Iron. *Warning, be prepared for me to wax poetic about my undying love for this amazing flatiron, because that is exactly what I am about to do.

We all know how difficult I have it with my hair, and it goes without saying that when it comes to trying to style my hair, I have gadgets and gizmos aplenty, and whose-its and whats-its galore. I have studied the fine techniques, purchased every potion, and tested every styling tool. I really think that I have tried everything, save for maybe this:

Equipped with a drawer full of tools ranging from spinning brushes to expensive ceramic irons, and even including the infamous T3 dryer, my hair still came out of every self-styling session severely lacking in the lush department. Unfortunately, my curls never looked crisp, and my flat-ironed hair never looked as sleek as I wanted it to, no matter what I used/did. I have learned that a good technique is an important part of the successful styling equation, but it wasn't until last week that I was introduced to a flatiron molded by science, that turned out to be the missing variable in my hair's situation. I want to introduce you all to the new love of my life.

At a recent event, I had the opportunity to preview the full line of products from Sultra, a newcomer to the heat tools market with the slogan "let the beauty you love be what we do". With everything from cutting-edge heat tools, to complimentary styling products, Sultra accommodates every hairtype, every style, every texture. The company's goal is to ensure that self-styling results in the lushest hair, that even you never knew you had.

While at the presentation, my eyes immediately gravitated toward the flatirons, and the impressive breakdown of the parts that make it up. I then proceeded to fawn over Seductress, the premium iron in the Sultra line. Presented with the facts, and then seeing the results, Sultra had me saying T3/GHD, who?

You didn't think I would leave it at that, did you? Here is some more information on the iron itself:

What makes Sultra Seductress different than other irons on the market is actually an element that you can't distinguish just by looking at it, the Kyocera heating element. Not present in any other iron, Kyocera heats in less than thirty seconds, and reheats in less than five, seconds that is. Those who know hair know that consistent reheat is super-important in a tool, since an iron loses heat when it touches the hair, and of course a cooler iron is a less effective iron. The Kyocera element ensures that your hair will look just as fabulous on top as it does on the bottom, as luscious in the front as it does in the back, as gorgeous with one pass of the Seductress as with two or three passes of a different tool.

Other fun features include three hair settings (fine, normal, thick), universal voltage capabilities, and an incredibly sturdy, very smooth, uv coated exterior. For those who flinch when that hot iron gets near your scalp, you will find relief in in fact that all of Sectress' heat stays on it's plates. The body is made of heat deflective Rynite, which ensures that even if the lip touches your scalp quickly, it will not burn you.

Speaking of burn, here is a true hair horror story: On a trip to Switzerland, my $200 Solia flatiron dislodged its plate in transit. Desperate to style my hair, I popped the plate back on, plugged the iron in, and gave it a quick pass through a section of my hair, only to watch in horror as it took a chunk of my hair with it. Yes, I actually burned a huge chunk off the front section of my hair. The moral of this story is that regardless of price, not all irons are created equally. Fortunately, I can trust my Sultra for it's ability to travel and deliver every time.

Back to the event, where after the presentation I had my hair styled by none other than the amazing Omar Lopez, a hairsylist who has taken the hair world by storm. Within minutes, I came to discover that the Sultra Seductress + Sultra Curl Safe Heat Protectant Spray + Gross, Unmanageable Hair =

When Omar handed me the iron to style the front sections of my hair, I was a bit skeptical that I would be able to make my hair look as he had. With his quick tips and his dutiful supervision, I ran that sleek iron through my hair to discover that not only was it easy, but that the curls I created rivaled Omar's own. At that very moment, the light shined from above and I knew that true love was born.

Not only did my hair look amazing right after the event, but I am also happy to report that it kept its unbelievably frizz free curl in freezing cold rain, even days after the styling. No antifrizz, no heavy creams, all of this was was achieved with just the iron and curl spray. I almost pinched myself, I didn't believe that my curls actually looked better as the days progressed.

*I am showing off the Zeno Hot Spot, but in my head I am really thinking about how fabulous my hair still looks!

I have not been this excited about hair well... ever. Join in on my great hair party, and check out the Sultra line of styling tools and products. You can only find the line's basic Straight and Smooth iron on Sephora currently, but I definitely think that you should try to wait for the other products, which are coming soon. While the laser is currently available on Sephora, it is worth nothing that the Laser is the only iron in the line without the Kyocera element. It is still an awesome iron, and performs as you would expect your typical high-end irons to perform. If you really want to go for the gold and reach for the stars, the Seductress is a must-have.

*The product mentioned in this post was provided as a sample for post consideration. Rest assured that the opinions presented in my reviews are 100% genuine, and I really do adore this iron with all my heart.

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OMG!!!! GIRL!!1 YOU ROCK!! I am almost sad to say that since our meeting this is the first opportunity i have had to sit down and read your FANTASTIC !!! write up. I am truly GREATFUL AND UBER HAPPY THAT YOU LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR SEDUCTRESS!!!!! I wish you HAPPY STYLING AND MANY FABULOUS HAIR DAYS!!! Thank you so much YOUR AWESOME!! You truly embody the SULTRA GIRL!!! Completely showcasing our mission and i quote to ensure that self-styling results in the lushest hair, that even you never knew you had." So thank you for letting the beauty YOU LOVE!!! Be WHAT WE DO !!!


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