Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Part Deux- Sunday Birthday Action

Sunday was the actual big day, and I chose to spend it with some other people that are very important to me- my family and boyfriend. To ring in the day properly, we started with a brunch at that legendary Country Pancake House I keep talking about.

Beauty Quickie- Make Up For Ever Flash Color Heaven, The Palette

Ladies and Gents, one of my beauty wishes has finally come true. I have received the Make Up For Ever Flash Color Palette as a gift, and I am over the moon giddy right now.

Spot Free Skin Thanks to M Lab Brightening

While spots can definitely work for those adorable dalmatians (for the exception, see below), they  most certainly do not work for me, or you. Seeking to make brown spots (and wrinkles!) a thing of the past, M Lab has left my skin and the future looking all the brighter since it came into my life.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

As those of you that follow me on twitter already know, this past Sunday was my 25th birthday. In true krasey fashion, I had a two day celebration (which continues this weekend) that left me with enough beautiful memories to last well, a year.

Beauty Want-Its- Sleek Cosmetics

Sleek Makeup is not a new brand by any means, but being that it isn't easily available in the US- it is pretty new to me. I have blogged about them before, but was subsequently (albeit temporarily) distracted by other pretty, shiny things of the beauty variety.
Now shocker of shocks, it is the release of a new eye palette that is once again sparking my interest in Sleek. My UK beauties have been raving about the new Bohemian palette, and now I want it. With 12 shades that are mostly matte, I can only imagine the wide range of looks my artistic self can come up with. Mmm.

Has anyone tried Sleek? If so, what are your thoughts?

They're The Balm

From drugstore to department store, one thing we will never have is a lack of lipbalming options. Essential for keeping your lips smooth and moisturized all year round, lipbalms are a handbag staple that  many of us wouldn't be caught dead without. Heck, at any given point I have at least three in my handbag, and here are some of my favorites of the moment.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sue Devitt- Lipstick

This portion of our Sue Devitt Series focuses on the Balanced Matte Lipsticks.


Beauty Curiousity

For those of you that were speculating on which shades I chose to be my first for the new Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Shadows.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Make Up For Ever Icons Metallic

Make Up For Ever Icon Collection Holiday 2010

Excited for all things new from Make Up For Ever? Well how about one last tasty little morsel to whet you appetite for holiday(!) 2010? Say hello to the metallic Icon collection.

For swatches and more details, read on!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zeno Hot Spot Giveaway Winner

You all entered and told me why you wanted to win, and now it is time to pick the winners. They are...

Julie (@Jules_Ann) and Melanie (Fairytale Foto's by Melanie). Congratulations ladies, please emails me your addresses so I can get these out to you a.s.a.p. :)

Thanks to Zeno for sponsoring this giveaway, and to all of the lovely folks who entered. Didn't win? Be sure to check out my Orient Watch Giveaway for another chance at something wonderful. :)

An Evening of Mango Bliss with Suave MOBar

Suave is the name, and Mango-induced bliss is their game.

New Make Up For Ever Colored Aqua Creams- Taste the Cream-Filled Rainbow (Swatches and Review)

It wasn't too long ago that we all heard rumblings of a very new and exciting product from Make Up For Ever via their twitter account. Whisperings of an aqua cream formula in all colors of the rainbow leaked late last summer, much to my frenzied excitement.

To say I was excited about the launch of Aqua Cream in color (COLOR!) is a gross understatement. Aqua black is already one of my most beloved products, and the prospect of having that formula in glorious technicolor left me gleeful, giddy, and altogether desperate to get my hands on them. As soon as I heard these were available in store, I ran, skipped, and subwayed it over to the boutique to go play.

With a stellar assortment of 22 different shades, there is literally a color to satisfy everyone from the neutral Nancies to the bright Bettys. Each shade is deliciously unique, with finishes that range from the metallic, to the shimmering, to the satiny matte. The creams glide on easily, blend dreamily, and do.not.budge once they dry down on the skin. Also, these are incredibly versatile in that all of the shades are lip, face, and eye safe. Yay for multi-taskers!

Enough of the chatter, let's look at the colors (COLORS!).

L-R Top Row 1-6, then 7 to 13, 14-20 (Natural light)

To see more swatches, click on!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brazilian Triple Threat at Maria Bonita Spa and Salon

I am always and forever on the lookout for hidden gems of beauty spots in this great city of mine. With more salons, spas, and beauty atria than you could shake a well manicured stick at, finding places worth both your time and your money could be a daunting challenge indeed. Last week, I was offered the opportunity to try the Luck of The Irish Package at Maria Bonita Spa. The experience (and results) still fresh in my mind, I want to go ahead and share the experience with you.

Make Up For Ever HD Blush

Have I ever told you all how much I adore Make Up For Ever? No?!

I is just a little bit obsessed... Anywho, after several emails from all of you, and countless teasers from the Makeup Show LA (Felicia, I am looking at you!), you know it wouldn't be long before I gave in to the siren call of all the new goodies just launched by my precious. With the goal of doing some investigating (and purchasing, but don't tell mom!), I embarked upon an epic journey of great import to the famed land of cosmetic hopes and dreams known as the Make Up For Ever Boutique. Completely overwhelmed by the face candy explosion, and as excitable as a tot in a candy store, I set about the incredibly difficult (not really) task of playing with makeup. Blogging and playing with beauty products is hard work you see, and I was very fortunate in that I had the amazing KJ Bennett present to guide me through it all.

First up, let us discuss the new HD Blushes. An addition to the wildly popular HD line,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beauty Steals- Laura Geller Beauty Sale

Laura Gellar fans rejoice, for here is a delicious sale opportunity coming your way today.
Starting NOW, you can get 30% off all purchases made on the Laura Geller website, and in the New York City boutique. Time to Spackle to your hearts content, and gets to saving beauties. No time like the present to buy yourselves some beauty presents at a great deal.

Make Thyself Over with Daily Makeover and DEX New York

Being a fickle kind of gal, I cannot wear the same look for too long without worrying that said look is getting to be too blase. I am always eager to embrace trend, and take pride in my ability to do my beauty due diligence and find out how to switch things up whenever I get that itch. Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to anticipate the outcomes of aforementioned transformations. Trying a new look has backfired on me before.

On a similar note, I cannot reiterate enough how grateful I am to live in a city where reinvention is easily accomplished, thanks to the plethora of beauty options and hotspots within striking distance of my wriggling digits and antsy feet. Dear readers, now is the time to introduce you all to both an online resource created with virtually making you (and me) over in mind, as well as a space for all my local gals to visit to get it done. Say hello to beauty makeovers, the virtual and NYC edition.

Sneak Peek- Make Up For Ever Newness!

A little birdy told me that she heard a rumor that a certain Make Up For Ever crazed beauty blogger took a field trip to one Make Up For Ever boutique. Coming soon to Krasey Beauty...

Who is excited? :)

Bang Bang Beauty- Juliette Has a Gun and Ellis Faas

Not since Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider have guns and bullets been this sexy. Here are two brands that have recently slipped into my radar, and have my heart doing funny things with wanting them.

Bang Bang (Beauty) (Source)


Monday, March 22, 2010

On Trend- Colorful Hair with Streekers

Let's talk trend, specifically hair trend.

What started with Lady Gaga's ombre banana yellow wig has turned into fashion and beauty's full scale love affair with avante garde colors in the hair. Kelly Osborne has gone lilac, while models this season flashed stripes of color in shades of blue, green, and even orange.

Since we don't all have a team of professional stylists on hand, how about a temporary hair color that is perfect for bringing a bit of trend to a mane event near you, guilt free? Enter Streekers

MUD Cream Mascara

Today I am bringing you another MUDdy review, this time focusing on the eyes with Cream Mascara.

Glamour Squad Weekly Reads

DivaDebbi dishes about all the Do's and DONT's from Oscar night.

The Beauty Alchemist tries MAKE UP FOR EVER's new HD Blushes.

Butterflydiary rocks MAC's Liberty of London's new eyeshadows.

Krasey Beauty shows you the La Metier de Beaute Red Lips Kaleidoscope, the only red lip palette you will ever need.

Clumps of Mascara loves Urban Decay's Ink for Eyes.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beauty Blog Link Love

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Beauty Trend- Ask the Artist with MAC's Keri B

Having been around the proverbial backstage block, I have really come to appreciate the drive, talent, and incredible skill possessed by professional makeup artists that make their jobs beautifying both models and the masses. One perspective (my own) does not beauty banter make, so in my effort to bring you all the best that beauty has to offer, I am tapping into the knowledge banks of those very same artists that I hold so much admiration for. Welcome to Krasey Beauty's 'Ask The Artist' series, where I will be bringing you interviews with the industry's biggest and brightest stars.

First up is a chat with the goddess of the smoky eye, trend talker, beauty guru, and color-lover-at-large- M·A·C Cosmetics' very own Keri B. A veritable force to be reckoned with in the beauty realm, Keri does it all from demos to backstage, all with her own unique flavor and style. Since 1996 she has been changing lives one makeup brushstroke at a time, and since 2009, she has been taking twitter by storm with her hotter than hot face of the day looks. I have had the pleasure of getting to know her on twitter (@MAC_Keri_B), and I can honestly say that I would be hard pressed to find someone with as much passion, as much drive, and as much talent as this beauty has.

To read her interview, click on!

Krasey in Love

This has been a long time coming, but I wanted to do a post like this. These are my current obsessions.

Basically, it goes a little something like this:

I am applying my makeup in the morning, or my skincare in the evening
I reach for something either automatically, or with the intent
I have a bit of an epiphany, during which I toss up my arms and do the happy dance as I realize that I am head over heels, crazy (krasey) in love with that product.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Smile With Your Eyes- Sue Devitt Liners and Mascara

As promised, here is Part 2/4 in our Sue Devitt Series. This time, we are taking a look at liners, a highlighting pencil, and mascara- oh my!


Sue Devitt- Microquatic Minerals Eye Palette in Kilimanjaro

Every so often, we take an in depth look into a well loved beauty brand that has recently come into my life. The next few posts here on Krasey Beauty are going to be a journey down under, into the world of Sue Devitt Cosmetics. Sit tight, and enjoy the ride, as we are in for some seriously yummy cosmetic treats.


My Impossible Mane, and The Products That It Loves

My hair is difficult, that is hardly new information. With a melange of textures and special needs, my mane is harder to handle than Organic Chemistry, true story. Having done my beauty due diligence, I have found the products that are bringing my hair back from purgatory, one wash/style at a time. Alternating between different products and regimens, I am finally somewhat at peace with that mop on top of my scalp that I call hair.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bebe Spring Collection Premiere Party- The Pics and an FOTD

For those of you that have been with me from the beginning, you may recall that I had the opportunity to do a bit of promotional modeling for bebe's Spring Collection Premiere Party this time last year. Fortuitously, I was asked back this year to do the very same thing last week. Mad photo taking and other hilarity ensued, much to the delight of the other models and myself. So here they are, the pics!

The outfit, all bebe of course

Beauty Cravings- Sugarpill Cosmetics and Tarina Tarantino

I spoke too soon with yesterday's lemming post. It has been quite some time since something new and exciting in the makeup world has really sparked my interest, and I am making up for all of that now. Given my penchant for wearing the dramatic eye makeup, it should come as no surprise that I am also currently fiending for some goodies from both Sugarpill Cosmetics and Tarina Tarantino Beauty.

Krasey Giveaways- Win an Orient Automatic Watch!

In my effort to bring you the very best that the beauty and fashion worlds have to offer, I have partnered with Orient Automatic to bring you this giveaway

Starting today, and ending March 31st, you have the chance to win Orient's cem65004b diver watch in pink. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me why you want to win this watch.

Good luck! Winner will be announced April 1st.

*Prize provided by the company for the giveaway

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Steam Heat brings the Skin Clean with Biore

Readers, I was recently on a great and noble beauty quest with my dear friends efficiency and effectiveness in tow. In an effort to wash away my cares (dirt, oil, and makeup), I have scaled those department store counters and drugstore aisles searching for products that will get the job done quickly. Fortuitously, I was invited to a beauty event recently that brought two new cleansing products to my attention from that brand that we all know and love- Biore. Launching both makeup removing towelettes and an in-shower facial cleanser, this drugstore favorite has created two winning products that were made to have me (and you) singing in the shower.

What happens when I sing in the shower.

OMG Want It! Tokidoki For Sephora

Diehard Tokidoki junkies rejoice, for Sephora has given us beauty lovers our very own dose of kawii with their newest cosmetic collaboration.

Browsing the products has me positively giddy with excitement, and I spot at least ten thousand (ok... maybe three) things that I must have immediately. The rest will come in time.

MAC Give Me Liberty of London Collection- Review and Swatches

MAC Cosmetics Liberty of London

The newest collaboration collection from MAC brings all of us fanatics a little taste of London chic. With cheerful patterns, bright colors, and brilliant packaging, Liberty of London is a welcome addition to our spring beauty arsenal. Let's go through the lineup (with swatches), shall we?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dry Your 'Do with Wrapadoo

If there is one thing I have learned during my bout with post fashion week flu, its that wet hair and the cold do not mix. Another fact that I have come to terms with is that I am just too lazy to whip out my blowdryer every single time I wash my hair. Since I have been lax in paying tribute to the great hair deities, I have instead been turning to an adorable little miracle worker that lets me go about my business while drying my hair for me. Say hello to the Wrapadoo.

Starlet Lips with LipFusion

Remember that old school bully? The one who would threaten to give you either a fat lip or a knuckle sandwich? You would cower in the corner afraid of the damage he/she would do, but little did you know then that having fat lips (albeit pain free) is actually a good thing?
*Fat Lips, no bully required

Whether natural or otherwise, plump lips are the flavor du jour. Wanting to mimic the ethereal pouts of Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway, I have tried every trick in the book in order to gain those plump, pillowy lips that beg to be kissed. Unfortunately, the cosmetic market is fully saturated with lip plumpers that have left  me feeling like I just made out with a Chili Pepper (the vegetable, not a band member), which is no bueno. I also find myself wishing something- a gloss, to give me that extra something. I have found the winning combination in Lip Fusion's InFATuation lipgloss which plumps sans burn, while giving me a heaping helping of shine and color that I love.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Bamboo'ed Brushes with EcoTools

Leave it to Eco Tools to create some kick butt makeup brushes that leave both your face and the environment looking a little bit more beautiful. With a full line of brushes made with low (environmental) impact bamboo handles, animal-free taklon bristles and metallic ferrule made from recycled aluminum cans, Ecotools are a nature friendly choice. With brushes that feel great and do their job, Ecotools are a beauty friendly choice. With a small pricetag and wide availability, Ecotools are a savvy choice.


La Mer Body Creme is Pure Luxury

Spring may be on the horizon, but I am still running dryer than the Sahara this March. High blasts of heat and hot water showers have sapped the moisture from my skin, leaving me feeling itchy, looking ashy, and wishing there were a miracle product that would take all of it away on my terms. What I need is moisture, and lots of it; what I want is a cream that isn't too heavy, and smells amazing to boot. Bellas, I have found said illustrious product in the form of La Mer's Body Creme, the newest addition to my beauty lifestyle. 

Telephone by Lady Gaga- The Music Video

Lady Gaga and Beyonce in Telephone

This is the video event that has had the entire world waiting on baited breath to see. After the masterpiece that was Bad Romance, Lady Gaga goes above and beyond to bring her fans something truly extraordinary in this collaboration with Beyonce for her "Telephone" music video. When fashion, beauty, concept, and choreography unite, you get a piece that is nothing short of spectacular. Without further adieu, here it is:

From costume to concept, I think this video is absolutely amazing. Do you think this tops Bad Romance, or was that just a tough act to follow?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beauty Products You Don't Need

Credit for finding this 'beauty product' actually goes to my coworker, who is an avid fan of beauty most unusual. She found this on the web and showed it to me, promptly eliciting a heartfelt wtf from yours truly.
Picture Credit:

The product is called Lips You Love, and is a device that is supposed to plump your lips for up to eight ours through the use of suction to draw water up and out. Now I don't know about you, but I am experiencing a serious flashback.

Does it work- maybe? Would I buy it- heck no! What do you think?

Borghese Fashionista Collection

The newest additions to the Borghese polish family are like a cold wintery blast on the cusp of spring. The shades aren't what you would come to expect from a spring collection, but that doesn't make them any less relevant or beautiful. With shades that range from "mannequin hands" nude to shimmering black, you get both sides of the spectrum in a duochromatic, fun kind of way.

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