Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spot Free Skin Thanks to M Lab Brightening

While spots can definitely work for those adorable dalmatians (for the exception, see below), they  most certainly do not work for me, or you. Seeking to make brown spots (and wrinkles!) a thing of the past, M Lab has left my skin and the future looking all the brighter since it came into my life.

Skin stressors such as sun damage, exposure to the elements, and age, result in the overproduction of melanin in the dermis, which translates to brown spots and patches of skin discoloration at the scene of the crime (the scene being my face). Those very patches started to plague my pale persona sometime in my early twenties, and no amount of exfoliation or scrubbing has provided any relief. Not content with the spot situation, I have turned to M Lab's brand new brightening line, which has been working small miracles for my complexion.

Let's go through the lineup, shall we?


The first part of the brightening equation, Anti-Aging Brightening Cleanser is a cream facial wash with the added bonus of gentle exfoliants and cleansing micro-beads. Without delving too deep into the ingredients, I will say that the recipe includes hydrating oils, gentle cleansing extracts, and skin brightening extracts. Using the cleanser every evening with my Clarisonic brush, I never fail to notice not only how soft and smooth my skin feels, but also how bright my complexion looks afterword. It is worth mentioning that I do not experience any sensitivity or discomfort both during and post use, which can of course be an issue with harsh cleansers.


Part two of the brightening system, the Anti-Aging Brightening Serum- delivers the knock out punch that sends spots packing. With similar skin enriching elements found in the face wash, the brightening serum acts as a booster to pick up where the cleanser left off. Brightening serum's power comes from the addition of skin brightening peptide, which ultimately seeks to decrease melanin levels and eradicate spots and hyperpigmentation. In the month I have been using it, I have been watching my spots gradually fade from existence. The results have been unfolding before my very eyes, and I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to see a much brighter face looking back at me in the mirror. I have all but ditched foundation, and that speaks volumes.

I can without a doubt say that M-Lab's brightening line has changed by face for the better. Pesky sunspots have all but disappeared, and my face has a glow that it just didn't before. Not one to keep a great thing to myself, I invite you all to to get thee spot-free, and to check out M-Lab's newest brightening line. To erase your transgressions (and spots!), there is really nothing quite like it.

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