Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Steam Heat brings the Skin Clean with Biore

Readers, I was recently on a great and noble beauty quest with my dear friends efficiency and effectiveness in tow. In an effort to wash away my cares (dirt, oil, and makeup), I have scaled those department store counters and drugstore aisles searching for products that will get the job done quickly. Fortuitously, I was invited to a beauty event recently that brought two new cleansing products to my attention from that brand that we all know and love- Biore. Launching both makeup removing towelettes and an in-shower facial cleanser, this drugstore favorite has created two winning products that were made to have me (and you) singing in the shower.

What happens when I sing in the shower.

Makeup removing towelettes are one of those products that were created much to the delight of busy (or lazy) girls everywhere. Nothing is faster than removing makeup with the quick swipe of a towelette sans water, but if I were to reach for the wrong one (and I have!), I end up with more than I bargained for. What most wipes will take away in makeup and dirt, they will replace with a filmy residue that leaves my skin feeling kind of grimy. Better yet, I know that I have scratched up my face on more than one occasion by rubbing a towelette into my skin too vigorously in an effort to remove waterproof makeup. Such is not the case with the Biore towelettes. They remove every single last trace of makeup, feel soft to my skin, and are completely residue free. At a teensy weensy pricetag, these have successfully bumped my beloved mac wipes from the picture.

Also brand new to the lineup is the steam activated cleanser. With the fact that most of us cleanse our faces in the shower in mind, Biore has created a new type of facial wash that is made to work with the steam in our showers. The hot steam not only opens up our pores, but it also makes them more receptive to products that aim to dig deep and release all the nasties trapped inside. With cooling mint, green tea, and an amazing scent, the shower cleansing experience gains even more of a positive spin. I simply lather, apply, and rinse away for a residue free, squeaky clean feeling.

Look for the new Biore lineup at a drugstore near you. If you are looking for a way to get thyself clean, you can't beat the clean, and of course the pricetag.

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