Monday, March 15, 2010

Starlet Lips with LipFusion

Remember that old school bully? The one who would threaten to give you either a fat lip or a knuckle sandwich? You would cower in the corner afraid of the damage he/she would do, but little did you know then that having fat lips (albeit pain free) is actually a good thing?
*Fat Lips, no bully required

Whether natural or otherwise, plump lips are the flavor du jour. Wanting to mimic the ethereal pouts of Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway, I have tried every trick in the book in order to gain those plump, pillowy lips that beg to be kissed. Unfortunately, the cosmetic market is fully saturated with lip plumpers that have left  me feeling like I just made out with a Chili Pepper (the vegetable, not a band member), which is no bueno. I also find myself wishing something- a gloss, to give me that extra something. I have found the winning combination in Lip Fusion's InFATuation lipgloss which plumps sans burn, while giving me a heaping helping of shine and color that I love.


inFATuation is a new breed of lipgloss with sheer, high shine color made to plump your pucker with no burn.  The formula is lightweight, moisturizing, and packs the juiciest color for a jelly-like shine. The hint of plump tingles slightly, but is blissfully sting free. Due to the gloss's thinner consistency, expect wear to last about 2 hours.


Sugar Rush is the first shade I took for a test drive, and is a soft peach in the tube that translates to a sheer hint of peach on the lips.

Swatched on the lips. The plump factor isn't insane, but it definitely looks believable. The color of course looks juicy. There is also a slight sparkle going on.



Shade 2, Full Frontal is a sheer rose


Swatched on the hand, you can see the true color a bit better

Full Frontal on the lips



Not to be neglected, the original LipFusion takes the level of plump in your lips up a few notches. With collagen and a sheer tint, this gloss will tingle a bit more than inFATuation, but will  leave you with full, rosy lips. I almost feel like they give a naughty, just bitten look to the lips.


Swatched on the arm:

Swatched on the lips:


For plump, pouty lips, LipFusion has got you covered with a juicy, starlet grade pucker- no burning (and no bully) required.

*Product sent by PR for consideration.


Tavia said...

OMG I can't belive you just post about these products. I was at Sephora today and I was really wondering about this lipfusion if it's really working or not. I know there are several types of these lipfusions. Those who make your lips tingle the most are also the ones who will make them look fuller. :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Tavia, ask and you shall always receive. It is true that the more your lips tingle, the plumper they will look. Some just have trouble dealing with the tingle.

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