Thursday, February 19, 2009

Urban Decay Cream Shadows

And now, a story for you all.

Once upon a time, there was a teenage girl who was just getting into makeup. She loved to play with eyeshadows and bright colors, but wanted something quick and easy to create beautiful eye looks. Imagine her joy when she discovered Urban Decay Cream eyeshadows. They made her eyeshadows last and last, and they came in beautiful colors.

Happily, she bought and used several of the colors daily. To her horror, the product became discontinued in the early 2000's.

Now I bet you are all wondering who that young girl was- yep, that would be me. Urban Decay was my holy grail eyeshadow base for many years, until they discontinued the product a while back. I always yearned for more of these, and happily Urban Decay has finally obliged.

Just released for February 2008, Urban Decay has cranked out 12 brand new cream shadows, in an array of bright and beautiful shades that have me giddy with excitement.

Upon swatching these I couldn't help but admire how creamy, richly pigmented, and all out beautiful these are. Methinks it won't be long before I collect 'em all as they are a dream to work with and make amazing eyeshadow bases (or stand-alones for metallic high impact eyes)

Here are some swatches for you to sate your appetites ;)






☠Makeup by Jacqueline☠ said...

Ooooooo! I think I'm in love! So much better than I expected them to look. I don't even know which I'd buy first. How about all of them :D

jilliandanica said...

ohhh those look fab! how do they compare to the MAC metal-x's as far as creasing is concerned?

Hannah said...

oh boy---do these crease? If not, I feel a Sephora order coming on, as I don't think I can wait the number of months til Sephora opens here!!

Delinquint, mushroom and sphynx would be the first three I'd get!!

Erin said...

They look DIVINE!! Like the others, I hope they don't crease cuz I have some oily eyelids.

I like Whipped, Weeds, Mushroom, Delinquent, Grass and Midnight Rodeo.

Krasey Beauty said...

Jacqueline, I think I am going to end up with all of them! haha. They really are beautiful!

Jillian- these are so much better than metal-x imo. The colors are more intense, and also more vibrant. They don't crease like metal-x either!

Hannah- I didn't experience any creasing. Just amazing full on color!

Erin, if you usually crease up I def recommend trying one out first. I am sure they would all look stunning on you!

Sarah said...

Oohh these are SO pretty. I was covering my hand with them at Sephora the other day, they are beautiful! Now, which colors to get first...

nunu said...

these look prettttttty!

purrtykitty said...

Gawd these are gorgeous! I wannnnnt Mushroom, Delinquent (me? want purple? never!! :p), Midnight Rodeo, Asphalt, and Rehab.

Krasey Beauty said...

Sarah, sky s the limit, it all depends on what color you think you would wear most. Me, I am a purple gal all the way.

Nunu- They aren't just pretty, they are gorgeous!

Purrty- I know you can't resist their allure ;)

Apple Diva said...

very pretty. will check out.

Anonymous said...

thanks for redirecting me to this (lauren1981 from specktra)
might have to hit up sephora this weekend....

Krasey Beauty said...

Bella, no problem! Be sure to subscribe and stop by daily as I post often and have lots of awesome posts coming up!

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