Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chanel Summer 2009- Cote D'Azur Swatches and Review

Fresh off the delivery truck and ripe for the picking, here are Chanel's Summer Offerings for the season.

Lighting on this one is cool filtered
Warm Lighting
Ignore the labels on the aqualumiere glosses. L-R: Candy Glow, Tangerine Dream, Ginger Shimmer

No idea why they didnt have the right long-wear lipstick there, instead they had 2 other random shadesStandouts for me had to be the quad and the loose bronzing powder. Both are beautiful and fairly unique.

With the Aqualumieres, I love the way they feel and the colors, but I don't love the lack of staying power. These wear much like the MAC 3d lipglasses did, giving the lips a wet shine.

The lipsticks I found pretty standard with none of the colors being must haves. Chanel played it safe with these

And bronzers? I still have my Chanel bronzer from last year's summer collection. While it receives love quite often, I am sure I will still have it for many years to come as its huge!

Cote d'Azur should be available at your local Chanel counter in the next couple of weeks.

What are everyone's thoughts on this? Hit or miss? Inquiring minds wanna know ;)


All Dolled Up Makeup said...

I did like the Orange Fizz Nail Polish and the shadow palette is pretty but dont think I'll be running the stores to get it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting these swatches up so quick. I was hoping to get to the mall today for this collection but we never got there, hopefully in the next few days I'll make it & pick up a few things! Did you try the nail lacquers at all? Love the look of Orange Fizz!

Ernie said...

I want that quad, looks like I'd get good use out of those colors. I'll probably pick up a polish too.
I love Chanel quads.

Krasey Beauty said...

All Dolled Up- Orange Fizz is a gorgeous color! I am contemplating getting that one myself ;)

Krasey Beauty said...

Anonymous, you are very welcome!
While I didn't get to try the nail lacquers on, I will say the color of orange fizz has me in a tizzy :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Ernie, the quad is beautiful. One thing I noticed lately with the quads however is that the shadows are lacking their usual silkiness. It almost reminded me a bit of a mac lustre shadow. No doubt about it though, the colors are gorgeous!

XOXO Kayra said...

Lipglosses are gorgeous! Loved candy glow and cherry blossom.

Krasey Beauty said...

I had Candy Glow from last year's release and I love it! Cherry Blossom is my next choice ;)

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