Friday, March 6, 2009

Make Up For Ever- The Rest of My Stash

Today's post will focus on the other items from the Make Up For Ever line that I consider to be staples.

Compact Modellers Kit Duo 1
Now many of you remember the Sculpt and Shape Duos from MAC, designed to contour and define the face. Many a contouring technique can both slim and expand certain areas of the face, making this little duo my best friend. This wonderful duo is exactly like MAC's sculpt and shape, except we have the light shade (designed to highlight) in one pan, and the darker shade (designed to shadow and define) in another pan. This design differs from MAC in that it contains individual pans as opposed to both products being in one pan.
Jurys in folks, this stuff is ah-may-zing! Drop in to your nearest Sephora and go check it out. Several color options are available so you can't really lose ;)
Concealor Palette
This one is pretty much self explanatory folks. What you get are 4 shades ot creamy concelor, designed to mix and match to find the right shade for you. This palette can be used to conceal of course, but it is also wonderful for contouring. The last shade is a color corrector, and the option I went with was purple to combat discoloration and too much of a warm tone to the skin. Purple is an effective brightener.
Alternately, you can go with the green option to combat redness. Now that I think on it, Palette 1 might have been the better option for me.
Cream Flash Color
Now this is something that perhaps we have seen before. What you get is a pot of creamy color in a rainbow of shades that can be used pretty much anywhere on the face. Me being the eyeshadow fiend that I am, I automatically opt to use these as an eyeshadow base. Word of caution, these will crease if not set with powder, and the metallic shades (I have gold) does not play well with mattes. Otherwise, I love the color choices and reach for these when I have a bit more time to fuss with them and set them properly.

Glossy Full Lip Gloss
Perfectly hydrating, these minty glosses deposit just a hint of color, and a whole lot of minty flavor. The result- slick, luscious looking lips that automatically look plumper. I reach for these when I need my minty lip fix and they look great over bright lipsticks.
Cream Eye Liner:
I will do an extensive review of this in a future post, but for now I will say this cream liner is absolutely amazing. It is rich, pigmented, and does not budge! Shade 5 is the most amazing deep dark violet.

Pearly Waterproof Eye Shadow Pencil

This one is very similar to MAC's shadesticks. What you get is a pearly, chubby eye shadow pencil in various shimmering shades. I love using the one I have, a creamy pearl color; to both lay down as an eyeshadow base or to highlight.

Smokey Eyes Mascara:
Check out my full review here

Below are my swatches. Top to Bottom- Cream Liner in shade 5, Gold Flash Color, Compact Modellers duo 1, Glossy Full Lip Glosses Numbers 1 and 4


jilliandanica said...

your recent MUFE posts have got me pheenin! i'm on a no buy for Lent...this blows!

Abby Q. said...

Do you notice a difference in performance between the Sculpt & Shape powders from MAC, and this one? If I have the MAC ones, do I need this one? :)

☠Makeup by Jacqueline☠ said...

The gold Flash Color will be mine! :D It has to be! Do those make good liners...or should they still be set with a shadow?

And a bit off topic...your blog is my favorite! xoxo

Krasey Beauty said...

Jillian, I am sorry to enable. A girl's gotta spread the good word though ;) Just think how satisfying it will be to get stuff when the no buy is over! :-D

Krasey Beauty said...

Abby, excellent question! I find both the MUFE sculpt and MAC Sculpt and Shape to be the same. I finished my sculpt and shape, so I replaced it with the MUFE version. ;)

Krasey Beauty said...

Jacqueline, the gold is really beautiful! Honestly, I would use them as a liner because I can see them migrating. They are very very creamy.

However, now that I think about it, gold might work... Let me try it....

OK! Just tried it as a liner. You can do it but I wouldn't recommend it. It would def need to be set!

And you are such a sweetheart, I am so thrilled that you are loving my blog!! <3

lala said...

I really want to get my hands on that MUFE Duo!! I just forget about on shopping day (need to jot it on a post-it). I love the flash colors as a base as well <333.

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