Sunday, March 1, 2009

Open Mic or... Reader's Request

Sephora, you don't all have access to one, but I do.

Let me fix that. I am taking requests for products that you want to know more about.

This is how it will work:

Tell me in the comments section an item or class of items you have a burning curiosity about. Please be specific, don't say Urban Decay eyeshadows or Benefit lipsticks, name a color or group of colors. If you would like to see a comparison of colors (for example Urban Decay's Peace vs Make Up for Ever 72), that is cool too.

Hair and skin products are fair game too.

I will then go to Sephora to get the scoop on the product with swatches, reviews, you name it.

The goal of these posts will be to answer all your questions and make this blog a more valuable resource for you, the reader. If this feature takes off, I will be sure to utilize it in the future.

Comment box is open, you know what to do :) What do you want to see featured on Krasey Beauty?


Hannah said...

Hmmm mine may be boring, but I was wondering--how is Laura Geller's marble eyeshadow in terms of longevity, and colour payoff. Are they something to check out, or totally passworthy?

Is it possible to find a MAC Romping dupe? In terms of finish and everything?

Anna said...

great idea! this might be sort of general, but corally-orange lipsticks from MUFE? i love mufe foundation and eyeshadows but have not heard much about their lipsticks at all...

Krasey Beauty said...

Hannah- I am on he case! I must confess I have always found Laura Gellar to be rather blah but I will check it out just for you!

Anna, you are in luck! I actually have a MUFE week coming up with one day's posts featuring entirely lipsticks. Be sure to check in as that post is coming up soon!

JeNi said...

smashbox halo vs mufe powder

Krasey Beauty said...

No problem Jenny! Just to confirm, you are referring to MUFE HD powder, right?

Anonymous said...

Oil-Free Foundation vs MUFE Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation. which one is better for oily skin & in the heat/humid weather? Can you please make some swatches which color from YSL MATT TOUCH FOUNDATION is close to MUFE Mat #40?

Krasey Beauty said...

I too am curious about this new foundation from YSL, I will investigate it for you Sandra ;)

Ernie said...

Have you seen the Smashbox Hybrid 2 in 1 Luminizing Primer? I'm wondering what you think about it. I saw it at Sephora and liked it, I'm wondering if anyone has actually tried it. Thanks,


Krasey Beauty said...

Ernie, I have had a look at it. The packaging does not distribute the luminizer and the primer evenly unfortunately, but the results are pretty much the same as using a primer mixed with strobe cream/liquid

Ernie said...

Thanks Adina!

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