Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sweet Deal Over At Benefit Cosmetics

Now you haven't seen me blog much about Benefit yet, and that may well be because I haven't dipped my toe into the brand's pool of products quite yet.

However, an interesting promotion is causing me to try and come up with excuses to "stimulate the economy" and fatten my traincase up a bit.
Celebrity Gossip and Makeup, together at last. Benefit is running a special deal where with any $35 makeup purchase, you get 20 issues of US Weekly, a free badgal blue mascara, and 2 free samples! Hurry though, this offer expires on the 10th!
Inquiring minds want to know, have any of you tried Benefit? What are some of your favorites? What has you intrigued. Go on, tell me! Oh, and make sure you are all caught up on the celeb gossip while you are at it ;)


Hannah said...

Benefit! Something I can begin to comment on!

LOVE Her Glossiness gloss in "didn't hear it from me" a creamy peach. As well I LOVE Skinny Jeans creaseless shadow/liner. HOT!

Krasey Beauty said...

Haha, no love for the MUFE and Nars? ;)

All Dolled Up Makeup said...

The creaseless shadows are pretty good.

I recently purchased She-laq. But I'm not to crazy about it.

Krasey Beauty said...

Ciara, I know what you mean. Benefit doesn't do it for me as much as other brands do.

sweetbabyblue (specktra) said...

benetint is pretty nice!
I have to say, that's the only thing I'm interested in so far from benefit

Krasey Beauty said...

Sweetbabyblue, I hear ya! Benetint has a cult following, but I have yet to have gotten into the brand to be honest

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