Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ballin' and Haulin'

I couldn't help it. Urban Decay offered up 30% off, and I had a gift certificate. I kinda sorta shopped till I dropped!

Who else hauled during UD F&F?

Want more details? Comment me!


Anonymous said...

How do you like Stash? It is one of my favorite liner colors.

javy said...

nice haul :) i LOVE the new creme shadows, and the set of their color liners is awesome, i picked up both color sets :)

Pumps and Gloss said...

I got a few items, but I have not received yet. I love UD. Plus, Urban Decay has good hold music.

Krasey Beauty said...

Anonymous, I love stash! Such a gorgeous smoky shade of green!

Javy, I couldn't agree more! LOVE the creams and the ADORE the liners!

Pumps, I fell of the UD wagon for a while; but I am now back on and full speed ahead. Good hold music you say? Maybe I should give them a call, haha.

Little Thoughts and Lovely Things said...

Wow I bet that still cost a good amount even with the discount.

Urban decay has awesome, pigmented shadows. That's a really good pallette, I like that you can get more colors for a cheaper price than the individuals. And the liners stay on forever (Guess that's why it's called 24/7). I have a couple but I'm not sure if the ones I got in colors were worth it because I mostly use black. But they do last.

Erin said...

I am SO dumb!!! Why didn't I get that palette instead of buying the shadows indiviudally? UGH! *slaps forehead*

Erin said...

Oh, and great haul!! I didnt have any money, so I couldn't haul anything. :-(

Shadowy Lady said...

nice haul Adina. I'm addicted to UD 24/7 liners

Krasey Beauty said...

Little Thoughts and Lovely things, the gift certs definitely eased the blow to my wallet :) Love my goodies!

Erin, no worries. Just think of how much longer the full sized shadows will last ;)

Saadeh, they are amazing! Love them for cutting the crease too!

sweetbabyblue said...

I hauled my Velvet Rope liner set from Asos for 9GBP! (shipping was 4GBP)
I also own the VIP liner set, but I paid heaps more at the time =(
I LOVE these liners! It's my way of dipping into bright eye colours!

Krasey Beauty said...

Sweetbabyblue, I definitely agree! These liners are fantastic for a pop of color for the less brave!

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