Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ck Calvin Klein Beauty for Summer 2009

Here is a brand that hasn't really been on my radar until recently. On one of my recent trips to Sephora, the stunning visuals of the ck summer collection caught my eye, giving me pause and making me reconsider my initial opinion that this brand was "nothing special".

Done in a tropical palette of colors, the summer collection's color palette inspires me.
I had the opportunity to swatch and play with this collection last week. My conclusions?

I was actually pretty disappointed. I was most excited to try the cream shadow in the tropical green shade. While the color is stunning, the staying power stinks! The cream never dried on my hand, so I can only imagine what kind of havoc it would reek if I wore it on my lid.

Out of this whole collection, the only thing that ended up standing out was the blush palette. That one came home with mama ;)
ck Calvin Klein is a line available exclusively to Sephora.

Now tell me folks, any of you have any interest in CK beauty?


the-swatchaholic said...

Thank you for your review! <3

The only thing I have from ck Calcin Klein is a set of three little nailpolishes. They are quite nice but the packaging is just good to look at but not good to work with. :(

This brand is quite cheap compared to high end brands like Dior here in Germany, though.

Krasey Beauty said...

You are very welcome Jeanette :-D

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