Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lip Lovin': Nars Lip Lacquers

Allow me to introduce another recent discovery that I have fallen in love with.
Nars Lip Lacquers are high shine glosses in pot form. Lacquer are a great name for these as they impart on the lips an almost plastic like sheen. These are more opaque than your traditional gloss, making them great to wear alone or on top of lipstick to give it extra sheen and pop. Thanks to the somewhat tacky (sticky) formula; lasting power on these babies is phenomenal.

Like all Nars lip products, these are unscented. Some are slightly glittery like Baby Doll, & Capucine. Others have a more flat shine (sans glitter) like Chelsea Girls and Diablo.
Next on my list? Sweet Charity and Caraibe

Who else is feeling the lip-lacquer love?


maya said...

So pretty :)
Chelsea girls and hot wired look adorable

Erin said...

You have been tagged!!!

Andrea said...

I have been drooling over Babydoll for a few months now. I think it means it's a "must" have now. Capucine is stunning as well...not sure I could pull it off though. WTF is a Capucine, anyway?!? ;)

Krasey Beauty said...

Maya, they are definitely great colors!

Erin, thanks doll! Responding now ;)

Andrea, babydoll is a great pink shade. Capucine is amazing over orange based reds! And I have no idea what a Capucine is either, lol!

Belle Du Jour said...

i LOVE love lip lacquers, one problem... the smell. It smells like awful burnt plastic to me. I am in love with chelsea girls. I have gone through 2 of those!

Krasey Beauty said...

Dara, agreed! The smell is pretty yucky but you just can't beat the colors!

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