Monday, April 20, 2009

Lip-Lovin'- YSL Rouge Voluptes

Ok, so I know that this lipstick has probably been pimped out more times than an old Cadillac on Pimp My Ride; but trust me; these babies are just that amazing!

These lipsticks are full of creamy dreamy opaque goodness. The scent is classic YSL, being a mix of fruity and floral. Lasting power is phenomenal, and I dare you to find a prettier range of colors anywhere.

All in all, this product gets tons of love from me!

Allow me to introduce you to Rouge Volupte Lipstick in No 1. (Nude Beige); No. 8 (Fetish Pink) and No. 12 (Forbidden Burgundy).
With flash:
How many of you have tried these lipsticks? Do you love them as much as I do? ;)


Crissy K said...

I love these lippies too. Only one bad thing on a hot day they will melt in your bag. :( My fave is #1 nude beige. Such a classic color. :)

Willa said...

Nude beige is sooo cute!
They look very creamy, I love that

Houston Living said...

Burgandy looks like it should be the middle one? I love the one on the right. I am going to buy it. Seriously, how often do you listen to that song? :P

MakeUpByCaroline said...

Ohhhh Adina why have you done this to me!!!!! I've been lemming one of these for so long and it just fuels it even more, especially as its payday on Thursday!

Krasey Beauty said...

Crissy, I love #1 as well!

Willa, they are so creamy!

Danelle, you must try at least one! I know for a fact you have peach ;)

Caroline, its my solemn duty to inform the masses as to how awesome this stuff is!

AmRam113 said...

Adina, you are single-handedly responsible for my new addiction to these lipsticks! They're definitely pricey, but completely worth the money. So smooth and moisturizing! I love Nude Beige and Fetish Pink might be the next one on my list! It looks gorgeous!

Krasey Beauty said...

Amy, they are so fantastic that they deserve lots and lots of love! Definitely worth the money ;)

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