Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Make Up For Ever Spring/Summer 2009

This just in, another hot hot hot promo image from Make Up For Ever, with a few snippets of info about new colors ;)
New Pastel shades of Glossy Full Colours look perfect for the summer:
Pink HD Primer to Counteract sallowness in pale skin
Special thanks to Purse Buzz who pointed this out a while back, and to the original source here
Addition: Looks like this is all up on Sephora. You can find it all by clicking here and searching individual products for the new shades!
A while back I heard rumors of a new HD concealor, perhaps they will wait till the Makeup Show to unveil it like they did with the foundation?


Vanessa said...

Girrrl! Let's hit up Vegas then!!! We can shop and have buffet dinners! Haha

Willa said...

I've been seeing this image for a while now at the counter, but it's true, it's hot! I bought the orange star powder they used on the eye, combined with a brown it's very cute for the summer! <3

Last week they had a special event (autograph sign ing) with the girls of the Sherazade show, they were super pretty and sweet, the MUA I know even introduced me as a very good customer and artist and such. It felt good :P

MUFE is the official makeup for the show, so they had this pamphelt I took and the image you're showing is also in there, I'll cut it and put it in my makeup cabinet!

Krasey Beauty said...

Vanessa, I would LOVE to! Will you be in NYC anytime soon? ;) Makeup show NYC is coming up!

Krasey Beauty said...

Will, I NEED to know what was used in that look so that I can recreate it! I am so jealous that you have the pamphlet and met the models!

ASourSkittle said...

i can see myself getting this entire collection lol

Willa said...

For the eyes, on the small display they have for this look (with the image), there's #953 (star powder) it's the one on my haul :http://www.specktra.net/forum/f195/various-nom-nom-stuff-135922/

Then, the brown they used is a dark warm brown, and they also are showing the glossyfull, plus the sculpting blushes (a pale and a brown). That's it!

But I may go tomorrow, I can take a picture if they want, and if YOU want hehehe


Belle Du Jour said...

These look awesome, im going to pop by sephora today and take a look. Pastel lips and I am in! When is the makeup show? I thought it was in June?

Krasey Beauty said...

Anna, me too! I love me some MUFE!

Willa, thank you so much for providing the information! Yes, take pictures!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Dara, totally agree! The pastels look gorgeous!

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