Thursday, April 16, 2009

So Sexy It Hurts

I have been awarded the Sexy Blogger Award by the gorgeous Jillian Danica and the beautiful Erin

Rules: List 5 things that are sexy about yourself and then tag 5...

1. My figure. Small waist, tight butt and ample bosom

2. My pouty lips and big green eyes

3. The way I fill out a form fitting wrap dress

4. My skills on the dance floor. 13 years dancing and competing, thank you very much ;)

5. I speak Russian, fluently

Its hard to narrow it down, but I am awarding the sexy blogger award to:

Houston Living
Belle du Jour
Makeup by Jacqueline
Musings of a Muse
Erin and Jillian tagged me, and I am tagging them right back

Thats 7, so deal :-P

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Houston Living said...

Why thank you, hot stuff!! I didn't get the award? Is it on my blog or something? You so sweet!!! You are a sexy, hot, Russian!!

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