Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Laura Geller Babycakes, for those low key kind of days

Laura Geller Makeup is a brand I have never really paid much attention to. Its a line of baked mineral products for the face, much like the MAC mineral line. It is sold mostly on QVC, but has recently popped up in most Sephora stores as well. Of course its the constant air time on QVC that caused me to look at her products a little more closely.

The QVC gods have spoken, and I was coaxed into purchasing something I normally wouldn't look at twice. The Babycakes kit comes with a balance and brighten powder, a blush, and a bronzer. Oh, the kit also comes with a small retractable brush but we will ignore that as the brush is absolutely useless!

Left to right, balance and brighten, the blush, and the bronzer
The brush, effective if u have a doll sized face only.

So has this product convinced me that Laura Geller is amazing? Negative. I found it all to be too sheer and too much work to apply. Granted, I know that these are intended to be petite, but gosh darnit getting a regular sized brush to pick up the product is near impossible!

I found the balance and brighten hardly provided me with coverage. It was more for adding a soft glow to the skin. The blush was a light and lovely peachy pink, and the bronzer was again effective only for a barely there glow.

Once I did get the product onto the brush I was pretty pleased with the end result, a soft glow. Honestly though, I could think of a million other products that could do the same.

See how subtle it is?
All in all, I was not THAT impressed. For those of you waxing poetic about the joys of baked minerals, I am glad that is working out for all of you. Until I find the mineral products that I am wowed by, I will stick to my current favorites. I tried to love it, I really did!

Anybody out there have some mineral products that they are loving? I am all ears :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, girl! I only have tried out one Laura Geller product, her Blush N Brighten in Roseberry (which I quite like..very pigmented). Agreed, though, that if one needs to work hard to get a real color pay-off from a product, it's not worth it! This kit was a great way for you to sample some of her baked products, at least, and let us know what you think! Always value your opinion...this gal knows beauty ;-)

Krasey Beauty said...

AmRam, you are very welcome! I am thrilled you are loving my reviews! ;)

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