Saturday, May 23, 2009

MAC News for Fall 2009

*Thats me calling my friends in high places (or am I?)

Just a few little snippets for my readers of things I have found out in the past few days regarding whats in store for MAC. Some of it is probably old news, but I figured I would share anyway because sharing is caring! :-D

About the Naked Honey Collection: The stars of this collection are going to be the skincare products. Otherwise this collection has a pretty neutral kind of vibe. Everyone that I have spoken with cannot stop raving about the Honey Salve.

I had previously heard rumors of there being an upcoming Icon Collection slated for late this year/early 2010 with Aretha Franklin as the Icon. It seems that isn't going to be happening after all. The Icon collections just aren't as popular as MAC would like I suppose.

The Cult of Cherry Follower collection this year (around August 2007)will not be as big as Cult of Cherry in terms of size. Colors and actual products are not confirmed, but I have heard we will only be seeing 2 quads instead of 3.

Now this is the bit I am most excited about. We are in fact confirmed to be due for an All Black collection coming up this fall. We won't be seeing quads, but what we will be seeing are individual eyeshadows, pencils, loose eye products (potentially black ore solar bits), and a black satin lipstick. A lot of these products contain carbon in them, for super dramatic smoky eyes. And of course I am super curious about the black lipstick and gloss as we have seen this before but not from MAC. Can't wait to hear more about this one.

And that is all the news I have today.


Anonymous said...

OH THANK YOU!!!!! I'm actually really excited for the all black collection even though I don't wear dramatic looks very often:)

Houston Living said...

I'm excited about the black lipstick. I don't really know what they can do differently with regard to individual e/s. Carbon??? Wasn't that about as black you can get? I hope the solar bits will be easier to work with this time around. Thanks for always providing such helpful information!!!

Love you girl!

FabDiva20 said...

Awesome!!! I'm most excited for the All Black collection!! Now I'm dying to know the color story!

Ernie said...

I wonder why no more Icons?
I hope the black collection is not a bunch of repromotes except for Feline!
Thanks for the update!

Rob said...

I'm simply dying for an all black collection. I'm praying for a Black reflects glitter, but a lipstick and gloss would be sufficient. Ooooo Color me excited!

Krasey Beauty said...

FabDiva, you know I will post as soon as I find out anything ;)

Ernie, apparently Icon collections don't do as well. I agree on the repromos, though I have no doubt carbon will be in there somewhere.

Rob, agreed!

Krasey Beauty said...

Colette, I am really excited too!

Houston Living, you are so very welcome! I can't wait to see what they do with this collection!

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