Thursday, May 21, 2009

MAC Style Warriors- Unleash your Fierce Side. Review & Swatches!

MAC has officially released Style Warriors in all freestanding stores today, and this blogger is very excited.

Housed in sexy animal print, Style Warriors is one hot collection!
The colors rock, and the products this time around are spot on! Items I purchased are in bold.


Sunsational - A very sheer orangey gold. I definitely saw the peach/orange in this one

Brave New Bronze
- A peachy nude with a hint of brown and gold.

Purple Rite - Mauvey pink, I definitely think this one ran more frost than lustre (for those who were curious)

Tribalist - deeeeep shade of raspberry, almost black. Definitely reminds me of the COC colors, but not matte!


Liberated - Straight up sheer gold. Not exceptional on its own, should
probably be layered for best results.

Gold Rebel - Orangey gold/copper. Would compliment Brave new bronze rather well to warm it up.

Fierce & Fabulous - This one is your run of the mill bright pink/purple. Pretty dupable imo.

Style Warrior - Reminded me a bit of liquer from COC but with more red in it.


Soft Force - Frosty creamy gold.

Bright Future
- Like a slightly toned down chrome yellow with frost

Tempting - Warm chocolaty brown

Vibrant Grape - Bright purple with pink/red tones to it

Night Manoeuvers - Deep blacked brown. Ho Hum!

Beauty Powder Blushes:

Eversun - Peachy Bronze with hints of orange/yellow.

On A Mission
- I am in LOVE with this color on my NW15/20 self. It is a beautiful warm raspberry, but versatile enough to be a color chameleon when mixed with the lustre drops. Everyone, fair and dark neeeeeds this color! I even have a pic i took with one cheek layered with pink rebel, the other with sun rush. GORGEOUS (and i am not a cheek girl)!

Bits of the Solar Variety

Scatterrays - Chunky warm peach with strong gold tones.

Bronzescape - Darkened brown/bronze

- Cool taupey dark brown. The texture on this is silky silky smooth


Peaceable - Golden creamy beige

Violet Fire - Bright purple

Mercenary - Deep dark bronze

Bronzing Powders:

Solar Riche Bronzer, nothing remarkable. Orange undertones
Refined Golden Cool golden brown

Lustre Drops aka love in an itty bitty bottle

In general, I found these to be pretty awesome. They are like glimmershimmers in that they add luminscence to the skin. Unlike glimmershimmers, these dont have chunky shimmer. These can be sheered out as much as you want, and can mix them into into your foundation. A little goes a long way which is always a good thing

Pink Rebel - Cool blue/pink with noticeable gold pearl. Great for us fair folk

Sun Rush
- Light warm peachy gold, stunning!

Bronze Hero - Dark bronze with noticeable gold/orange pearl.

Swa Swa Swatch Time!

And finally, a mini fotd wearing on a mission, brave new bronze, sun rush on my left cheek, pink rebel on my right cheek


Hannah said...

scorch, your lustre drop swatches are unlike everyone else. I so want to get sun rush as well now in addition to pink rebel!!! :D

Houston Living said...

You look gorgeous (as always!!). I am so happy with your swatches. They are always amazing. Makes me glad I bought the Pink Lustre Drops. Now I'm wishing I had gotten the Scatterays....Thanks for the awesome review. <3

Belle Du Jour said...

whatever you are wearing in this FOTD, you look fantastic. You look like you have alot of color/tan! Great!

Sharifa said...

OK! Think I like the Lustre drops and would use them....The nail polish looks cool too...I thought this collection would be giving me the smile inside but it doesn't.

Sharifa said...

I like the Lustre Drops and nail polish colors..I dont get the "smile-in-your-heart" excitement about this collection yet.

Caramel Geek said...

Is Impassioned dupeable (in terms of color)? I'm thinking Museum Bronze pigment or maybe Copperized pigment.
And is Impassioned silky enough to be used dry with a shadestick as a base?

Thanks for the swatches and review. =D

Ernie said...

Adina, great review. How did you use the lustre drops? Over the blush, with your fingers? Give me the scoop!

Heather said...

thanks for the swatches they were very helpful!

Krasey Beauty said...

Hannah, I am glad you like them. Sun rush is stunning!

Houston Blogging, you are so very welcome!

Belle Du Jour, I am wearing a Jan Marini tinted moisturizer (review coming soon!), my Chanel Bronzer, and On A Mission. That makes for sun kissed goodness. Thanks gorgeous ;)

Sharifa, the lustre drops are definitely the star of the collection!

Caramel, impassioned is probably pretty dupable, though a proper color substitute slips my mind at the moment. I do think you could use these with shadesticks. Impassioned is pretty creamy :)

Ernie, thanks! I actually did use my fingers to apply the lustre drops, though I am sure a synthetic brush will work well too. With sun rush i applied under the blush, pink rebel over. I think I definitely liked it under my blush better. It blended into the skin beautifully!

Oh, and make sure you shake this up prior to use!

Krasey Beauty said...

Heather, you are very welcome!

FabDiva20 said...

Gorgeous Adina!!! OAM looks really good on you as well as BNB! I'm glad that I ordered BNB and can't wait to try it! I might order OAM to compare it with Stark Naked.

Krasey Beauty said...

FabDiva, thank you so much! Glad you are enjoying the swatches ;)

the-swatchaholic said...

Thank you so much for your fantastic review Adina! :)
Of course I am lemming more now! :D

Stefanie said...

Great swatches!! I love the look of brave new bronze, despite the fact I almost never buy anything with bronze in the title!!
The blushes look amazing too

Krasey Beauty said...

Swatchaholic, you are very welcome ;)

Stefanie, thanks! This collection really had some amazing pieces!

Susanne said...

Adina, gorgeous pics! Thank you!! Can't wait to get SW here :)

krista carlson said...

Thanks for the beautiful on you...

Pumps and Gloss said...

Thanks for the swatches. Hmm the Impassioned solar bits look nice.

Ernie said...

Thanks for the tips, going to try it under OAM.

krista carlson said...

I just had to place an order online. I picked up Tempting eye shadow and On a Mission blush....

Krasey Beauty said...

Susanne, you are very welcome! You will have it soon! ;)

Krista, you are so very welcome! And your haul sounds great! On a Mission is stunning!

Pumps and Gloss, you are very welcome. Impassioned solar bits are gorgeous!

Ernie, you are very welcome! Let me know how it works for you ;)

Ernie said...

Hmm, Adina, I wore PR under blush, but couldn't really make it out. I used my fingers too.

Krasey Beauty said...

Hmmm, that is odd. Perhaps if you use a bit more? I worry that if you use a sponge it will soak up too much product. How about a foundation brush?

Ernie said...

I'll try, I think I'm just not crazy about it. I did get Sun Rush, so I'll try it again.

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