Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beauty Blogging Shoutout- Illamasqua

Many of you have oohed and ahhed over the awesome offerings of Illamasqua Cosmetics of the UK. Presenting a stunning range of products, Illamasqua does not disappoint in quality, variety, or creativity. Many of you loved the coverage of the brand, where I recently reviewed several items from their collection, and promptly fell in love! For a refresher, check out my reviews here and here.

I would like to now direct your attention over to Illamasqua's brand new blog. Illamasqua's Official blog page will be the first place to go for news, inspiration, and color stories from the names and voices behind the brand itself.

Definitely check it out and follow along with them, I know I will! ;)

Check it out here: Illamasqua


krista carlson said...

This site looks so awesome. I saw a lot of colors that I would love but a little too expensive for me. Otherwise the products look amazing!!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Krista, the products really are amazing. If you do ever find the extra room in your budget, I would highly recommend them!

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