Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fing'rs Nail Art & Faux Nails

In a previous post, I introduced you to the convenience and fun of using, modern-day press-on nails.

Now, allow me to show you another fun (and affordable) side of faux nails and nail art. Fing’rs to me is like the MAC of the nail world- innovative, fresh, and readily available. A brand that keeps itself at the height of trends; Fing’rs puts out tons of options to customize your digits with everything from rhinestones to easy-to-use decals. I am especially excited at having the opportunity to get “in” with nail art trends made famous by the Konad system, without actually having to purchase the Konad system and all of its components.

If you take a look at the website, you will notice that there are tons of options from the California Girl line, to the demure little fing’rs line, and finally the EDGE line. I am especially fond of the nail decals from the Nail Art collection, which includes adorable decals like flowers, stars, and polka dots. The press ons come in all kinds of fun styles too!

Behold my mani, after playing around with my Fing'rs nail decals. I think they add just the right amount of fun to my nails, without looking too cutesy or over the top. All I had to do is peel them off the paper and add a top coat for instant pizzazz. I LOVE it! I just love how snazzy my nails look after having a go with these decals. They are so addictive, and I cannot wait to play some more!

Fing’rs is available at all major drugstores (Rite Aid, CVS, Boots), selected beauty boutiques (ULTA), and online at Beauty.com


Miss Yaya said...

this looks nice! i usually break or peel my nails too quick so i keep the decals for the toesies

Hannah said...

go for Konad, it takes a bit of practice but the results can be magnificent!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Miss Yaya, they are a blast to play with!

Krasey Beauty said...

Hannah, I want the Konad but its so pricey!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I love playing around nail art - sticks and Konad!

Krasey Beauty said...

Stefanie, thanks! I agree, its so much fun!

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