Thursday, June 25, 2009

FunctionaLab, Beauty from the Inside Out

When it comes to beauty, I have always taken an outside-in sort of approach. I spend hundreds on creams, potions, and color products to improve my appearance. I figure that if my outside looks healthy, then the inside will be healthy as well.

When it comes to health, I have always been very conscious of what I put into my body. I maintain a healthy lifestyle, drink my water, and eat as healthfully as possible. I realize that several nutrients may not be present in my current diet, and with that in mind, I like to supplement by taking a multivitamin daily. Never did it occur that I might not be reaping full beauty benefits from my multi.

FunctionaLab is an up-and-coming brand that seeks to change the consumer’s views on total beauty. Promoting a holistic approach and personalized programs, FunctionaLab has created a line of products that help one to achieve beauty by working from the inside out. The truly wonderful thing about the program is that you have the ability to find a very specific customized program based on your answers to a questionnaire, or you can mix and match the vast assortment of stand-alone products to meet your individual needs.

The personalized program works like this: you answer a series of very specific questions pertaining to your lifestyle, goals, and daily routine. Everything from sleep patterns, to health concerns, to current diet play a role in choosing your specific regimen number. After answering the questionnaire, the associate discusses the results with you, and then points you to your specific personalized nutrition program designed to cure what ails you, and make you beautiful from the inside out.

In addition to this personalized program, the brand offers individual supplements, vitamin tonics, and elixirs. From hair and nail health supplements, to a multivitamin that addresses the needs of the active women; FunctionaLab covers it all. There is no one-size-fits-all approach here, and the brand's associates were well-equipped to answer all of my questions.

For the past month, I have been taking the Active Mix Health Pack in conjunction with the Antiox Health Drops. For those days when I really need a boost, I indulge in the Energy Nutrient Tonic as well. I know how subjective "feeling healthy" is, but I can safely say that I do feel great! My skin looks radiant and my body is running at optimal performance. When I am feeling extra sluggish due to lack of sleep, the Energy Tonic gives me just the right amount of energy that doesn't leave me jittery or crashing afterwards.

I highly recommend Functionalab for all those people out there who are looking for a supplement program geared towards total wellness and holistic beauty. It is available right now at Henri Bendel in NYC. For those of you who are not in New York, give the Bendel’s Concierge a call and ask them to assist you with FunctionaLab. I am told the brand will pop up in more venues soon!

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