Friday, June 12, 2009

Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Lip Couleur

Inspired by the original clear Glossy Full gloss by Make Up For Ever, Glossy Full Lip Couleur is a high shine, pigmented gloss that packs a minty punch. Glossy full delivers intense vinyl-like shine to the lips and has a pleasant minty flavor. On their own, these glosses offer bright but sheer color, but when put on top of lipstick or lipliner, they have the ability to create a luscious 3d effect. Did I also mention that they are not sticky or tacky at all? Gotta love that!

Available in ten awesome colors, it is hard to pick a favorite!

Left to Right: 1 (cherry red) , 4 (fuchsia), 5 (violet) , 10 (peachy pink)
Cherry Red:
Thoughts on these glossy fulls? I'm all ears ;)


Miss Yaya said...

i love these glosses - i sometimes have to pull myself away from purchasing more

i like how they all have minty feels on your mouth - or is that just me?

Meilily said...

Wow- these look so glossy! Love the fuschia on you : ) Cherry Red looks fantastic too! Thx for the great swatches

Andrea said...

Um, I'm totally jealous of your lips.

Great gloss, too!

That is all. :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Miss Yaya, these glosses are something special. Instant plump! The mint makes them pretty unique, and I would say I like it too! ;)

Krasey Beauty said...

Melily, they are super glossy! You are very welcome ;)

Krasey Beauty said...

Andrea, thanks! Definitely try one of these glosses, it does great things for the lips :)

Tali said...

They look great. Mostly because you have great shaped lips anyway..which helps!

Krasey Beauty said...

Tali, thank you! Honestly, these glosses definitely help plum up the lips and make them look so pouty. I love them!

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