Sunday, June 14, 2009

Make Up For Ever Week Recap

This post concludes my second Make Up For Ever Week! Let me know if you enjoyed it, so that I can be sure to do more week-long brand focuses like that in the future!

In case you missed any of it, refer to this handy dandy link guide:

Pure Pigments and Aquarelles
Aqua Smoky Lash and Aqua Black
HD Elixir
Aqua Liners
Star Powder and Eye Shadows
Glossy Fulls


Hannah said...

I personally love week long focused blog posts; I feel like I get to know a brand much better or even learn about ones Ive never checked out (ie Dior, Ive never tried any of it!)

I like having lemmings created!!

Look forward to some more A!

Krasey Beauty said...

Hannah, I am so glad you have enjoyed it! ;)

Her Royal Poshness said...

It was worth it. Very enlightening

Krasey Beauty said...

Her Royal Poshness, glad you enjoyed it! ;)

Yinka (VexInThecity) said...

I've been quietly following this all week. I'm def gonna take a closer look at MUFE now.

Oh and I've nominated you for an award lady!

Lotus said...

I just love your blog... it's the best... your pics and reviews rock.

Krasey Beauty said...

Yinka, you must take a look at MUFE! You will fall in love ;) Oh, and you are such a sweetheart. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Lotus, thank you so much! That means the world to me!

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