Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zoya Hot Lips

L-R: Resolution, Blog, Luvie

By now, everyone and their mom has probably heard of how great Zoya Nail polishes are. With fantastic colors that last on my digits for over a week (an impressive feat for any polish), it is no wonder Zoya is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands for my nails.

News to me, and I am sure to some of you too, is the fact that Zoya also has a great line of lipbalms called Hot Lips. Hot Lips are glossy squeezable tubes of lipbalm. They come in a wide variety of colors (50 shades that range from clear to deep red), smell and taste fruity, and have a tackiness to them that helps them adhere to the lips for a long time. Being that these are a balm and not straight up gloss, they have excellent moisturizing properties, making my lips super soft. These are a great alternative to boring Chapstick, and I keep the three I have stashed in various spots for whenever I need a glossy boost.

Here is a swatch of the 3:

L-R Resolution, Blog, Luvie

And a lip swatch of the raspberry shade,Resolution:

Zoya Hot Lips are available exclusively on the Art of Beauty website and are an affordable $6 each.

What are your glossy quick-fixes?


Marina said...

thank you for swatches!Blog looks amazing:) Color is just perfect for summer. can you please tell me how long they stay on the lips?

lala said...

I love the neutrogena moisture shine. must try the "zoya" lip product.

Krasey Beauty said...

Marina, thank you so much! Are you Russian krasavitsa? I am checking your blog out too now and I love it!

The wear on these are great, they last a fairly long time since they have a slight tackiness to them.

Krasey Beauty said...

lala, definitely throw a couple in the cart with your next polish order. I think these are really good :)

AMH615 said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lipgloss! I can't tell you how many I carry in my purse -- it's embarrasing! Sounds great a balm and gloss in one!

Krasey Beauty said...

AMH615, I hear ya. I also have more lipglosses than I know what to do with, but there is no shame in that! ;) These are really great!

Marina said...

hi, Adina!
thank you for reply and of course for the nice words about my blog!!!:) yes, I'm half Russian :P

and it would be nice to keep in touch. I added your blog to my google reader:)

Krasey Beauty said...

Privet Marina! Thank you so much! Be sure to officially follow here as well! Looking forward to reading your blog in the future ;)

Marina said...

Privet, Krasotka :) this is similar to Krasavitsa.(it means beautiful, gorgeous)
thank you very much!;) I'm checking it every day now:)
I'm going for a week out of town but we'll chat later for sure:)
have you on twitter now also

Krasey Beauty said...

Marina, of course! Chat soon I hope!

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