Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beauty Want Its

The list of lemmings has returned, and in this installment I will discuss those very special items that I have been (not so) secretly ogling for the past week. Unfortunately, my first Blackberry came first on the budgetary scale, so this poor beauty is left wanting:

Nars Fall 2009 Collection:

Nail Lacquer in Tokaido Express

Eyeshadow Duos in Brumes, Silk Road, and Indian Summer
From the Smashbox Fall 2009 Collection:

Jet Set Palette: Not only is the packaging on this amazing, but I love having 4 colors in one place. The jet set formula is fantastic, and I am so excited to snag this!

Doubtletake Lipcolor Duo in Amaretto and Currant- I love the doubletake pencils for their versatility. I am excited to see new additions to the color range, and would love to add both of these to my lip arsenal.
Lash DNA Mascara in Plum- I have been curious about this formula for quite a while, and have been on the fence about purchasing. Fortunately, the muted plum color is calling my name.

From the Urban Decay Fall 2009 Collection:

Ink for Eyes in Binge, Empire, and Loaded- I have been itching to try out this new creamy gel liner formula, and the packaging is just too amazing to pass up. I want to stock up on my colors!

24/7 Lip Pencil in Wallflower- I can never have enough nude lip pencils, obviouslyLipstick in Naked- Full coverage creamy nude? Its on like Donkey Kong!

Deluxe Eyeshadows in Ruthless, Frigid, and Freakshow- I am such a fan of the deluxe formula, and I so thrilled to see 3 awesome colors being added to the range. Two of them being purple!!

Tell me in the comments, what is on your list of beauty "wants"?


Redhotsunfire said...

All your wantings looks amazing! I am excited about those new liners from Urban Decay. I wonder how they compare to 24/7.

My want list is on hold for now because 1. I've just been getting stuff I don't need lately 2. I ordered a bunch of stuff from Colour Craft and now I am broke lol!

Good luck with collecting all your new things:)

Hannah said...

all of your UD wants are exactly on my list too!!! I can't wait for it to be on Sephora as the UD official site doesnt ship to Canada! ><

Krasey Beauty said...

Redhotsunfire, I hear you. I fully intend to have all of these items eventually, and you know I will post when I do! ;)

Krasey Beauty said...

Hannah, hopefully it will get on sephora soon! Though I am saving my sephora gift card for some illamasqua ;)

Houston Living said...

OH GURL!! I might have to take my literally "broken ass" over to Sephora for this. I want all the NARS....All of it!!!!!!!!!

I also want to try the ink eyes from UD.

Love you!

Krasey Beauty said...

Houston Living, I know!! Sometimes the urges hit so hard that we are almost willing to walk through fire to get what we want, right? I immediately thought of you when I saw that NARS collection!

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