Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hair Care- Keeping Curly Mops in Tip-Top Shape

I have introduced you to C.M before, now let me tell you a bit more about my current routine that keeps my curls looking happy and healthy.

1. Brush your hair to get the knots out before you shower. This is pretty much the only time you can brush your hair without going all chia pet, since you will be washing anyway. Brushing curly hair once it is dry is a huge no-no because it breaks and separates the curl, resulting in poof that is not pretty.
(This is your curly hair on the brush, any questions?)

2. Shampoo and condition with a curly hair shampoo and conditioning treatment. The formulations of these products are gentle so as not to break down the hair's natural texture, and they are super moisturizing since curly hair is almost always dry and coarse. What you use is up to you, but I have had success with Phyto, Ojon, Bumble and Bumble, Loreal Professional, and vast others!

3. After showering, wring excess water out of hair with an old cotton t shirt, or allow hair to air-dry. Using a terry towel is another curly don't, as it will only generate frizz. The texture of most towels is way too rough on delicate curls anyway.

4. Follow up with a leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture, and a curl enhancing cream to minimize frizz and provide light hold to bouncy curls. Products I am currently loving are Rene Furterer Karite No Rinse Nutritive Concentrate and MoroccanOil Intense Curl Cream
I always shower at night, so the best tip I ever got was to do this to keep hair curl and frizz free when you sometimes sleep on it damp:

Divide hair into 2-3 sections and loosely (very loosely) twist each section into a loose braid. Secure each braid with a rubber band (again, loosely). In the morning when you wake up and unravel the loose braids, you will find your hair has kept its curl without the frizz you get when you sometimes sleep on wet hair. I do this every night, as it keeps my curls pretty and tangle free. [see above for what I mean]

The finished results keep my curls springy and frizz free.
Like so:
So there you have it, my curly hair routine. What do you do to keep your hair looking great?


ButterflyDiary said...

Looks great! What a neat little up. You look gorgeous!

Krasey Beauty said...

Butterflydiary, thanks so much sweetie! Glad my tip was helpful ;)

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