Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Illamasqua Powders Metals a.k.a the Most Amazing Highlighters Ever

With amazing products, and an even more amazing aesthetic; it really is no wonder I have fallen so hard for Illamasqua cosmetics. In fact, this brand has earned a firm spot on my top 3 makeup brands, and continues to wow me with every new product I try and every new collection I see. The launch of the Sirens collection wowed me with stunning visuals and a stunning assortment of color products in shades that conjure images of mermaids and sunny beaches. Now, in the wake of all that sun-drenched splendor, Illamasqua has just launched an addition to The Sirens- Powdered Metals.

Powdered metal is a hybrid product that is in part metallic powder, part pigment, and part highlighter and illuminator. These are a loose, shimmering, lightweight powder designed for use on both face and body to illuminate the skin and impart color wherever it is applied. These were hand-crafted on the set of the Sirens photoshoot by Alex Box herself, and come in a choice of 3 colors to suit all complexions. These powders up the shimmer factor of the predominantly (amazingly) matte line of products available, and compliment a vast array of looks. They are designed to impart an even, light, golden glow to the skin, and is super versatile as it can be used to highlight the high points on the face or even as a wash of eyeshadow.

With names inspired by goddesses, the three shades available will be:

Erzule – Voodoo Goddess of beauty – Golden bronze with a brown base [great for Olive and black skintones]

Thalia – Greek Goddess of poetry – Warm bronze with a gold under-tone [looks beautiful on medium skin tones]

Bebhionn – Irish Goddess of pleasure – Light bronze with a pink under-tone [beautiful on pale skin]
The powders come housed in a huge sifter jar with a luxurious application puff that fits snugly inside and keeps the package tidy. The 2 shades that I got to try were Bebhionn and Thalia, and I am absolutely in love with both. Bebhionn is a soft peachy-pink that makes an amazing blush and all over highlighter while Thalia imparts a gilded bronzed glow on my skin like no other. With the warmer months of summer in full swing, and me being my less than bronzed self; I am starting to think the streets of New York City are not ready for my day-glo whiteness. Fortunately, these powders add a gorgeous sheen that deposits just enough color to look beautiful and luminous, and not at all fake. There are no unsightly orange tones, nor is there any obvious glitter in sight. Both colors are incredibly flattering, and application is blissfully buildable.

These powders put other highlighting powders that I have used to shame, and I absolutely adore them! I will lovingly use these babies until their last breath!

Here are some swatches with Bebhionn on the left and Thalia on the right
No Flash:
And of course you MUST see these in action, so here you go:

A light dusting of Bebhionn on my cheeks for work:
On my arm, a light dusting of Thalia on the left and Bebhionn on the right, lightly applied with puff:

And a darker application of Bebhionn on my cheeks: LOVE
*More swatches as I continue to play with different uses for the powders.

Illamasqua Powdered Metals launch on July 13th, both at counters all over the UK, and online. Trust when I say, this is not a launch to be missed. It is limited edition, and I predict it will fly off the shelves.

What do we think? Is it love?


Houston Living said...

I like these! Very pretty!

Krasey Beauty said...

Houston Living, more than pretty. Gorgeous!!!

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