Monday, July 20, 2009

Kryolan Aqua Palettes- Swatches and Reviews

Starting the week off with some swatches and a review of the Kryolan Aqua Palettes in Metallic and UV.

Kryolan is a brand of makeup that is both affordable and versatile. Containing a vast array of products, it is a brand best known for being geared towards the professional makeup artist for theatrical use. One of the items in the range that instantly attracted me is the aquacolor palette. Like the Mehron Aqua Palette that I reviewed previously, the Kryolan Aqua Palette is a form of pancake makeup that is water activated. All you need to do is wet your brush and swipe it across the pan to activate the color. What you get is a pigmented watercolor that dries down to a powder finish, and lasts all day without creasing or fading. Typical applications for these include face and body painting, but of course i like to use them as eyeshadow bases. They make an excellent base as they are long lasting, and crease resistant.


The Interferenz palette includes your typical golds, bronzes, and silvers, with the addition of a duochrome blue pink and golden pink. The colors are very pearlescant and metallic, offering up plenty of high shine and sparkle. The UV palette includes 6 flourescent shades that dry down matte and bright. I imagine some of these colors could be fun to use on the lips as well as the eyes, just to add something a little bit unexpected to a look.

In comparing this palette to the Mehron, If I had to pick one as favorite, I would actually go with Mehron. While I definitely enjoyed the color array offered up by Kryolan (especially the neons), I felt like the colors were a bit finicky and required a specific amount of water in order to apply well. Otherwise they are pretty much identical save for the color schemes.

Here are swatches, with metallic on the top and uv on the bottom. If I had to pick one to go with, I would definitely go for the UV. Those bright colors are no joke!

Kryolan is available in most stores that stock theatrical makeup. For more information, check out the webpage.

Anyone enticed? Do tell!


krista carlson said...

Wow...those are some really bright colors. I think I like the metallic. I could use those a lot.

Jessica said...

i have the UV one! but i find that i just never reach for it! i would love to do someone's makeup for like a rave where there will be black lights....thats the only way those colors work anyway. I've also used the purple one under MUFE 92 and it came out beautiful and under the black light you could still see the UV color.

Krasey Beauty said...

Krista, these are fantastic palettes. Excellent for more creative looks :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Jessica, I can see myself getting really creative with the UV palette. The possibilities are endless!

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