Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Colors and Glitters- A Review with Swatches

Obsessive Compulsive Color Cosmetics is a brand that stole my heart upon discovery at the Makeup Show. Today's review will feature the OCC loose colors and glitters. Wheee!

Not being one to utilize or indulge in loose pigments too often, I decided that if the OCC loose colors were anything like the lip tars that I have come to adore, then they were definitely worth having. I am not disappointed in the least as these are incredibly pigmented, blend well, and apply true to color. I absolutely love the shades offered, with my favorite being Cherry Bomb (a bright, poppy red). The only downside is that these can be a bit messy, so be careful when using them. There is no sifter in the jar, so the whole thing will spill if tipped over (R.I.P Burning).

Here are all the colors:L- R Top to Bottom

Clover, Atmosphere, Auric, Burning, Cherry Bomb, Clove
Copperwire, Flicker, Iced, Gecko, Glisten, Heroic
Ironic, Layfette, Luster, Platonic, Red light, Tesoro

Many shy away from glitter, afraid that it will look tacky or feel uncomfortable. Well, I am pleased to say that glitter in moderation is perfectly acceptable, and in abundance is downright glamorous. OCC's glitters are super fine and don't feel gritty or look too chunky. They are ideal for mixing into glosses too, and come in a gorgeous array of colors. I definitely recommend being careful when applying, also making sure that the glitter has a "wet" surface to stick to. My m.o is applying either clear gloss, mixing medium, or cream to my skin before applying.

Here are the colors I have: L-R Top to Bottom

Blue, Red, Citrus, Coffee, Mint
Beige, Pink, Gold, Copper, Magenta
Being of the adventurous sort, I decided to play around a bit with the glitters, using it both on my lips and on the eyes. Don't try this at home folks, these are not recommended for use in the immediate eye area.

Fun with Magenta Glitter
Thoughts? Need an OCC fix? Hop on over to the site, you won't be sorry.


Mama Jen said...

i need Burning and Cherry Bomb in my life as well as the glitters. They all look so pretty

Lo Alexi Beauty said...

Those pigments are incredible!

krista carlson said...

I think I really like the looks of those glitters. Really some nice colors.

Krasey Beauty said...

Mama Jen, they are all stunning for sure!

Krasey Beauty said...

Lo Alexi, I agree! The pigments are stunning!

Krasey Beauty said...

Krista, agreed. The color range is excellent, as is the pigmentation

em said...

the loose colours look so good!! especially the greyish one. I must have it! thanks for the great swatches :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Em, the loose colors are gorgeous! You are so welcome <3

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