Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Revolution Organics Makes Me Feel Beautiful, Naturally

If your body is a temple, then your face is a beautiful stained glass window. It luminates the temple, keeps unsavories out, and is just generally pretty to look at. You wouldn't take any old paint to touch up a stain glassed window, as you shouldn't just take any old makeup to your face. What I am trying to say is this: as a temple houses everything the windows let in, so do our bodies absorb the ingredients we employ to make ourselves gorgeous. Clearly, it is important to pay attention to what we use in our daily beauty routines.

Just in case I have completely confused you with my analogy, I will get right to the nitty gritty. I have touched upon the idea of using makeup that has good for you ingredients before, now allow me to continue on that note. With beauty consumers as a whole becoming more concerned with the ingredients in the products that they use daily, an overall move to all-natural, organic ingredients is being made by some manufacturers. Revolution Organics is a line that goes the organic route, utilizing ingredients in their products that are 100% natural, containing 85% certified organic ingredients. Unlike some fakers in the biz, Revolution is the organic real deal.

The Revolution line mostly houses organic skincare items ranging from body cream to lipbalms. Thankfully; they have just broken into the world of color cosmetics with their first color collection: Freedom. A relatively small collection, Freedom consists of 2 products that are designed to go the distance. The Freedom collection as a whole represents a fusion of simplicity, quality, ease of application, versatility, and appeal.

Freedom Glow Beauty Balm is a cream color stick designed to streamline your routine by offering up skincare and color in one neat twisty-tube. Containing moisturizing organic olive and coconut oils, this beauty superstar adds a natural, dewy hint of color wherever it is applied It is an amazing beauty multi-tasker, with the ability to flush (or warm) your complexion, adorn your eyes, or paint your pucker within seconds. As one who leaves myself less than ten minutes to get pretty on weekdays, I really appreciate the streamlining in my routine. The balm applies much like a cream blush would, sans icky stickyness. Blending is a snap, and the only tool you need to apply is your fingers.

Here are the three color choices: Blushed (rosy pink), Sunkissed (warm peachy bronze), and Bronzed (warm golden bronze). I am currently loving Blushed for a soft rosy glow on the apples of my cheeks.
Freedom Lipgloss is your typical beautiful lipgloss, with not as typical healthy ingredients. Containing all of the good stuff (like plant proteins and organic jojoba oil), and none of the bad stuff (like parabens, chemicals and artificial ingredients), freedom lipgloss is as beautiful as it is natural. It isn't sticky or tacky, packs a pigmented punch, has great staying power, and offers up high shine and sparkle. This gloss is unscented and tasteless, so those sensitive to smells and tastes will be happy to find this product lacks both.

The five color choices are: Freedom (true strawberry red), Truth (midtoned true pink), Integrity (shimmering mauve), Innocent (soft baby pink with sparkles), and Vibe (shimmering, golden peach)
Here is a close-up on Freedom on the lips. Isn't it yummy?

And a full face shot wearing freedom lipgloss, blushed glow beauty balm, and smashbox's bionic mascara in indigo ink.Yep, its official; going organic has never been more beautiful. :-D I am incredibly impressed with the Revolution Organics line, and can't wait to see what other products they have up their sleeve.

Revolution Organics is available at Bigelow Chemists, QVC, and other select retailers.


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hey babe! haha we both posted the same stuff on revolution organics- this is funny- check out my post!

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Hey Whit, I know! I saw your post earlier, isn't it great stuff? ;)

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These are amazing products!!

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