Friday, July 31, 2009

Ribbon Cutting at Sephora Times Square

Living and working in the heart of NYC definitely has its perks.

Witness what I got to see on my way into work this morning, the ribbon cutting at the new Sephora at 5 Times Square! The atmosphere was charged as hardcore beauty junkies united in a chant of S-E-P-H-O-R-A. At 9 am on the dot the ribbon was cut and the crowds rushed in.
And a new era has begun


Whit said...

oh man, this makes me wish i live in NY!

did you check out illamasqua yet?

Anonymous said...

Great snapshot !

Krasey Beauty said...

Whit, expect my full illamasqua write-up next week. Its going to be huge, and last all week long!

Krasey Beauty said...

B, thanks so much! I love my blackberry tour!

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