Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Smashbox Bionic Mascara

Thanks to my Marini Lash, my lashes are now turbocharged and fabulous. With such a fabulous fringe, you know I need an equally awesome mascara that will go the distance. Enter Smashbox Bionic, an ionic mascara designed to thicken, lengthen, and strengthen your lashes fabulous. I was determined to test out this formula, and was definitely not disappointed with my beauty experiment.

For a bit of background, the thing that makes this mascara so unique is its positively charged ionic formula. Allow me to get a bit scientific while I describe what all of this means before I have you all going:

Taking it back a bit with a little bit of chemistry 101 (and getting back to my premed roots) now. The mascara's main ingredient has a positive ionic charge. Applying the mascara to the lashes with the brush generates a negative charge on the lashes via static electricity. Given that basic laws of chemistry dictate that opposites attract, the opposite charges on both lashes (-) and mascara (+) causes the formula to bond to the lashes and last all day. The end result is a dramatic fringe that doesn't budge until you want it to. Not too tricky, right? ;)

The mascara formula itself is very wet, making is absolutely ideal for layering. If one coat defines, two coats thickens, and three coats just takes them there in no time flat. I love the false lash effect I get when wearing this. having lashes that reach out and up. My lashes are well separated, curled, thick, and not at all clumpy. So far so good.

Rocking mascara on the right eye only. See the difference?!

Bionic also has excellent longevity, and wears fantastically throughout the day. Putting this mascara on at 6:30 in the morning, I am happy to report that my lashes still look fabulous at 11 o clock at night. No flaking at all either. In terms of color, I don't get a strong tint of blue as I do with my YSL Everlong in Peacock blue. The color is a very muted shade of dark indigo that is almost black, and is fantastic for wear day or night.

Smashbox has convinced me that bionic is not just hype. This is a fantastic mascara that gets the job done and then some.

Be sure to check it out at Until then, which mascara are you loving right now?


KiLLaCaM said...

what a BIG difference! i need a lash enhancer asap!

star_violet said...

Great review. I actually thought this mascara was pretty good too (I got it as a freebie in a kit so I was a bit dubious but pleasantly surprised).

Krasey Beauty said...

Killacam, isn't it fantastic?!

Krasey Beauty said...

StarViolet, thanks! I agree that its a great mascara!

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