Saturday, July 25, 2009

Smashbox Blush Rush- Hot Like Fiyah

More Smashbox lovin' for ya with Smashbox Blush Rush

This blush is gorgeous, nothing more I can say. Finely milled with a subtle sparkle, these can be best compared to MAC beauty powder blush. They glide on effortlessly and last all day, keeping my skin looking glowy and youthful from AM to PM.

The packaging is amazing. I love the twist out mirror from the bottom, it is so convenient!

Flush Blush Rush (Cool pink)

Paradise Blush Rush (Warm apricot)

Flush on the left, Paradise on the right
I am cutting to the chase when I say that these are fantastic blushes. Go hop on over to and see for yourself, you won't be sorry!


VexInTheCity said...

Oooh I like the MAC beauty powder finish. That mirror is so handy. Do they only come in those 2 shades? Off to look @ the Smashbox site.

Thanks for sharing x

Anonymous said...

Very nice colours, that pink is divine!! I adore Smashbox blushes ♥

Krasey Beauty said...

Vexinthecity, it comes in tons of colors! I am sure you will find one you love ;)

Krasey Beauty said...

Stefanie, that pink is wonderful! Smashbox blushes are love!

lala said...

lovely blush color. very adorable packing...(drugstore blush that has that are the ones by relvon..more should do something that lol *it does comes in handy*).

Krasey Beauty said...

Lala, agreed! The packaging is a major selling point. The color and texture is of course the other. ;)

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