Thursday, July 16, 2009

TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Shampoo and Conditioner

* So bad, it wasn't even worth me taking an original picture of it

I am not going to beat around the proverbial bush (of hair) with this review folks, up for review are a shampoo and conditioner set that I did not like... at all.

Curls Rock is a line of products by TIGI Catwalk, designed (according to the label) to de-frizz and detangle curly hair while giving ringlets plenty of bounce. Looking for a shampoo and conditioner duo to switch up my routine a bit, I was lured in by bright blue bottles and promises to give my curls bounce. C.M was digging it, but was quickly disappointed as she found these claims to be as limp and lifeless as she was after being treated to this shampoo and conditioner.

Not only did Curls Rock not do what it promised, it also seemed to amplify all the bad things about my hair. After use my curls looked limp, my hair was full of frizz, and my color was just left looking dull. Normally, when I use a new shampoo and conditioner I see its positive effects immediately. After using this duo 3 times, I could definitely tell that it wasn't for me. I definitely wasn't chanelling Minnie Driver, more like Minnie Mouse meets electrical socket.

Ah well, can't please them all, and Curls Rock is a dud for me. I will valiantly be on the lookout for the next great curly haired products, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, what shampoo/conditioner line are you loving or hating?


Crissy said...

I like their curls amplifier.. but I wouldn't go as far as using their shampoo and conditioner. It has -cones in it. It's going to weigh your hair down and make it dry. The conditioner is basically full of alcohol, multiple cones and parabens. I'm sure some people think it works because of the -cones in it..

Krasey Beauty said...

Crissy, I am not surprised. This product was utter crap imo!

Monica said...

I was going to try these!
Anyway, my two favourites right now are John Frieda Curl Around shampoo and conditioner.

Krasey Beauty said...

Monica, I am glad I saved you the trouble. I will give the John Frieda a look-see :)

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