Monday, August 17, 2009

Besame Cosmetics Voluptuous Lip Set- The 3 Piece Suit of the Beauty World

Both classic and elegant, there is nothing that makes a woman feel more chic than a fine three piece suit, a timeless wardrobe piece and retro-fashioned staple that instantly adds polish and sophistication. Channeling old-school glamour, the Besame Cosmetics' Voluptuous Lip Colour Set is a 3 piece lip kit, and a definite nod to the elegant simplicity of the three piece suit.

Besame Cosmetics is a beauty line that is heavily influenced by old-school classic glamour and charm of the 1940's. Taking cues from her grandmother's old tubes of lipstick, and makeup ads from the 40's, founder Gabriela Hernandez was inspired to do something bold. Gabriela set out to create a line that has a vintage aesthetic, but is made with all the very best methods and ingredients that the world of modern cosmetics has to offer. Containing ingredients like aloe, ginseng, and rose wax, the lipsticks from Besame perform like very few can. The Voluptuous set is an absolute star, and gorgeous to look at.

The voluptuous lip set makes me feel glamourous, with an air of allure that was perfected by movie sirens and pinups of yesteryear. The lip liner is smooth and creamy, gliding effortlessly onto the lips to outline and fill. The lipstick is the true star of the show, being richly pigmented and decadently creamy. A matte with a hint of shine, the lipstick looks sophisticated and vivid without being over the top. It lasts all day (and I mean, all day), moisturizes the lips, and smells faintly of vanilla. The lip brush is an adorable accesory, with the name of the brand imprinted in golden script.

Besame means kiss me, and wearing the voluptuous kit is practically an invititation. I took the Rapture Rose kit on a test drive, and was THRILLED with the outcome.

Lip Swatches, because woman cannot thrive on descriptions alone.

The Voluptuous Lip Colour Kit comes in 3 shade choices: Red Velvet, Rapture Rose, and Champagne, and are available on the website here. I highly recommend these to anyone who is looking for an exceptional lipstick that performs, and looks gorgeous while doing so. Every closet needs an elegant 3-piece suit, and every traincase needs this lip kit. All in all, I really think the Voluptuous set is the cat's meow. ;)


potionprincess said...

God that's so glam I love the colour.

Krasey Beauty said...

Potionprincess, I do adore it! So rich and elegant :)

Houston Living said...

Your lips are amazing. That color is gorgeous. I wonder if it would look weird on me. I have a lot of weird undertones in my skin. Love the review, swatches!!

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