Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CND Colour Effects- Your Nail's Newest Accessory

Before twitter, I was a one-brand polish (O.P.I) kind of girl. With every seasonal collection, I happily indulged in all the latest "in" colors, and left it at that. Well, those days are over, as I have opened my eyes to the magical world of nailpolish variety; a world sort of like Disney, sans Mickey. Between the talk of polish all day on twitter, and the availability of so many amazing polish blogs with exceptional swatches, its no wonder I am up to my knees in amazing new brands and shades. One small step for mankind, one giant leap for this beauty blogger.

But I digress, as now is not the time to open up a discussion about my new 'poliction' (polish-addiction). I have recently discovered CND (Creative Nail Designs), and its their newest Colour Effects collection that has me all in a tizzy. Colour effects are clear-ish polishes that employ the use of shimmer, sparkle, and pearl to effectively change the look of the creme polish that you wear underneath it. These special topcoats are like the truffle garnish on the lobster ravioli, both accentuate and enhance.

CND creme polishes are special in and of themselves. They glide on the nail smoothly, dry quickly, and 2 coats provide shiny, opaque coverage. The only difficulty is picking one of the fifty color choices available, as you literally have a rainbow of colors across the spectrum at your fingertips. All CND polishes are three-free, in case you were wondering.

As if 50 color options weren't enough, the stars of this collection make the polish possibilities endless. Called Effects, the polish topcoats are the gloss to your lipstick. They give you the option to subtly alter your polish's color through the use of shimmer (in the form of microglitter), sparkle (in the form of mica), and pearl (in the form of a sheer opalescence). Each finish is available in several subtle colors options too, really encouraging you to pull out the ol' artistic nail license and get creative with your nails (Creative Nail Design, get it?).

I tested out Rouge Red and Ice Blue Shimmer. This was the outcome:

L-R: Rouge Red Alone, Ice Blue Shimmer Alone, Rouge Red + Ice Blue Shimmer

CND Colour Effects polish is available at Sally's, Ulta, and Trade Secret. These hot little numbers are perfect for anyone looking to get more versatility out of existing shades while adding a bit of zip to otherwise standard polish colors.


Houston Living said...

Rouge Red is gorgeous. All 3 looks are beautiful, but I particularly like the red by itself. Thanks for the information, I have a Sally's next door, perhaps I shall try it out!! <3 -D

Krasey Beauty said...

D, you should definitely check these out. I absolutely love how creative you can get with these babies ;) <3

MaijuS said...

I think I should try this CND new line also. Looking Good!

Krasey Beauty said...

Maijus, definitely give these a try. The CND line rocks! :)

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