Saturday, August 15, 2009

Open Mic... Again :)

This is the part where I ask all of you for your feedback, questions, comments, etc.

I would love to hear what you want to see more of, whether it be brands, photos, fashion, etc. If there is something you want to see less of, let me know too!

Remember, I want Krasey Beauty to be your one stop beauty shop, and I need your help for that.

Comment box is open, I look forward to hearing from you all. ;)


Marina said...

1) I would like to tell everyone and yourself, of course, that Adina is one of the most kindest sladies ever, he is very friendly) thank you so much for answering all my questions!I would love to chat with you more.
2) you have a great new hairstyle
3)what do you think is the best from Stila? what do you like and what would you recommend? I never tried it before(we don't have it here) and now I'm thinking about getting something
others are also welcome to answer. thank you :)

Mama Jen said...

i love seeing you review different brands..because most of them i've never tried..and i like to try new things.

Marley said...

I want fashion!! I love makeup, but I love fashion too. I also love when you cover new brands and your opinions of new releases from established brands. I like reading a blogger's opinion, rather than just what the product is.

Krasey Beauty said...

Marina, you are so so sweet, thank you gorgeous! I will work on a best of Stila post just for you :) Thank you again krasavitsa!

Krasey Beauty said...

Mama Jenn, of course. I will be sure to bring you more new brands regularly :)

Krasey Beauty said...

Marley, you got it babe. More fashion shall be on the agenda ;)

Marina said...

OMG.thank you!!!
all the words are true;)
and I'm so sorry the letter "s" from she somehow is in front of ladies. so it was ladies and she. :(

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