Monday, August 3, 2009

Q&A With Daniel, Illamasqua Trainer and Makeup Artist

Being that Illamasqua was in town for the very exciting NYC Sephora launch, I managed to snag an interview with one of Illamasqua's very own head trainers, the amazingly talented Daniel.
Daniel personally flew in from London (along with Adam and Jennifer) to provide the Sephora Pro Team with training on Illamasqua's cosmetic range for the new Sephora launch.

Right off the bat, it is plain to see why any woman (or man) would willingly put their face in Daniel's very skilled, very talented hands. The man is flawless, with the most amazing brows I have ever seen. I had to ask about them, and his answer was that strong brows are his personal trademark. To get his flawless arch, proper grooming and the Illamasqua eyebrow cake are his essentials.

A bit on Daniel's background:

Daniel's career humbly began in his hometown of Malta, where he took various artistry courses and got his starts in Maltese theater. The transition into runway came naturally for him, as he pushed himself forward and quickly made a name for himself. Honing his craft and exhibiting incredible talent, Daniel even won the title of best makeup artist at the Malta National Fashion Awards two years in a row.

From there, Daniel's career went up up up. Making the decision to move to London-town five years ago, it wasn't long before Daniel was winning hearts and landing runway gigs with both Miss Sixty and Per Una. After working 3 years with Prescriptives, Daniel finally then settled in with the Illamasqua family as one of the head trainers. He has been with the brand since its beginnings, and clearly loves what he does.

As we got deeper into the conversation, it became very apparent that Daniel is both dedicated, and extremely passionate about Illamasqua and all that it stands for. To him, Illamasqua is about individuality, art, and self expression. It isn't about perfection, trends, or unattainable ideals, but more about being inspired while remaining true to oneself.

Daniel admits that the high fashion, very artistic image that Illamasqua presents may not be for everyone, though it works for some. To him, the Illamasqua experience is more about taking what you love about a look, and making it both wearable and your own. It is his job as an artist to transform you, and he puts an emphasis on pulling and focusing on one or two elements of a look; whether it be flawless skin, a powerful lip, or piercing eyes.

The lesson that I learned from Daniel is this: we all strive to be expressive and unique in our own ways, but at the same time we all internally possess the desire to innovate and create. Taking inspiration from dramatic 'alter-ego' looks, each individual can fine tune a certain aesthetic and make it wearable for them. The point is not to follow fads or trends, but rather to embrace what is both bold and beautiful, making it your very own. That is what Illamasqua is all about.

So what is Daniel's favorite item from the line? Asking an artist to pick one favorite is daunting, but after much consideration Daniel's answer was the Powder Eyeshadow. His favorite shade is Intense, a dark matte teal. Daniel loves to incorporate powerful colors into his signature looks, much like yours truly.

Special thanks to both Jennifer and Daniel for meeting with me, and for giving me an insider's thoughts on Illamasqua.

Here I am with Daniel. Since I know you are dying to see, here is a photo of me and Daniel.

In my next post I will tell you all about my makeover with Daniel, along with his list of "must haves" from the line. Stay tuned!


krista carlson said...

Lucky you...Fantastic photo!!!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Thanks Krista, it was loads of fun! ;)

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