Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shades by Barielle Gets All Lacquered Up

For fall 2009, Shades by Barielle and celebrity manicurist Elle extended a hand to guest collaborator Michelle Mismas, founder of the top nail beauty blog, All Lacquered Up. The new collection—aptly named “All Lacquered Up”—takes trend-making to a new level, offering unexpected color combinations, glitter particle and pearl shimmer effects, and a healthy 3-free formulation.

Ever since Michelle of All Lacquered Up had mentioned her collaboration with Barielle, I know that I was most eager to try out some of the amazing colors she helped create. With a nail polish collection that goes as far as the eye can see, Michelle clearly knows colors. Seriously, who else can you trust but one of the definitive nailpolish authorities in our beloved online beauty community? Barielle is not a brand that I have been exposed to before, but I eagerly gave these colors a go and was super impressed with the results.

The colors in the range include:

Lava Rock—a black and red pearl swirl
Blackened Bleu—a black polish with sapphire sparkle
Falling Star—a marine blue with gold glitter particles
Polished Princess—a safari green with copper shimmer
Glammed Out Garnet—a ruby-on-ruby sparkle
Pin Up—a tomato red shimmer
Out-Grey-Geous—a silver shimmer
U-Concrete-Me—a steely gray
Slate of Affairs—a worn denim
Putt-E-On-Me—a classic clay
Make it a Latte—a chocolate cream with golden highlights
Get Mauve-ing—a muted mauve

With everything from black to mauve, Barielle has us covered with the hottest color trends for fall. The polishes apply smoothly and are fully opaque with two thin coats. Dry down is relatively fast, with a smooth glossy finish.

Not one to leave you without a little bit of eye candy, here is Putt-E-On-Me, Make it a Latte, Falling Star, and Slate of Affairs.

Make it a Latte
Falling Star
Slate of Affairs
Barielle polishes are 3 free (meaning no formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl-phthalate), and retail for $8.00. You can pick your shades up on their website, which also gives you the option to virtually "try on" the colors. Definitely give it a go, you will be sure to have the trendiest digits in town for sure.


B said...

OMG, I can post!! Wooo!!! I'm soooo excited. Anyways, I LOVE all of these on you. Slate of Affairs is super awesome. I'm so proud of Michelle. She did an awesome job with this collection.

Krasey Beauty said...

I agree B, this collection is gorgeous. And yay, I am so happy you can comment now! <3 you!

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