Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love is... The Illamasqua Sirens Limited Edition Palette

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you could almost taste it? Watched it being shamelessly paraded in front of your very eyes (you shameless tease, you), only to find your grubby, eyeliner-stained hands grievously bereft? Woe would fall upon you, and woe was most certainly upon me in this particular instance.

Okay, so it seems that my writing has developed a slight flair for the dramatic, but I assure you that I am being 100% sincere about my desire towards acquisition of said item. What is it you may ask? Well, said mystery item would happen to be the Illamasqua Limited Edition Sirens Palette. How to acquire this item of beauty was elusive; being that a. it was only available at Selfridge's in the UK and b. it sold out almost immediately, I resigned myself to the fact that I would just have to live without the beauty of this palette in my life.

Fast forward to present day, when I receive an email from Illamasqua informing me that it was my last chance to purchase the Sirens eyeshadow quad (something ridiculously high on my lemming list), and... the Sirens LE Palette! Surely it was a sign from above, that this palette was meant to be mine after all. I promptly whipped out my card and purchased said palette in question. I then engaged in the celebratory palette acquisition dance, which looks something like the cabbage patch, but snazzier.

You didn't think I would leave you without pictures, did you? Here it is, the Sirens LE palette.

Swatches! Natural Sunlight:
L-R, Top to Bottom: Fate, Spellbound, Luminescence, Morn, Demonic, Gasp
Lover, Unrequited
Fable, Resist, Brink, Melt
Solstice, Enrapture

With flash
Beautiful, isn't it? You can get yours by hopping on over to the site here. If you need some color advice, I am the one cuddling with the palette in the corner. ;)


Jessica Allison said...

um, is that the entire collection? I sooooo wish they'd done that with Dystopia! **coughHINTcough**

sizbelle said...

their colors are really vibrant compare to other brands...

Krasey Beauty said...

Jessica, I hear ya. How amazing would a Dystopia Palette be?!

Krasey Beauty said...

Sizbelle, that is what makes it one of my favorite brands. It is up there with Make Up For Ever, Urban Decay, Nars, and YSL

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