Thursday, September 3, 2009

Talika Eye Therapy Patch

There are many ways to wear an eye patch. Some are hot, others are not as hot.
Not so Hot

Get the picture?

In fashion, the eye patch is clearly hit or miss. In skincare however, the eye patch seems to very much be a hit. Hailing from France, the Talika Eye Therapy Patch is an undereye wrinkle blaster, designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness, and dullness under the eyes with a 30 minute application.

Description from the website: A unique patch, totally innovative in its use and action. Reusable, even washable, it produces gradual and controlled diffusion of the active ingredients, stimulating the skin surrounding the eye area to a younger and smoother appearance.

This reusable patch, reduces all trace of fatigue appearing under the eyes. It is a pleasant, effective, natural and comfortable solution for combating wrinkles, circles and under-eye puffiness.
How to use it ?
Open the sachet, apply each patch to the under-eye area and leave on for 30 minutes. Remove patch and store in jewel case for re-use. Talika recommends using the patch in the evening, 2 to 3 times a week.

The patches come with a convenient carrying case, designed to hold the patches post use.

Does it work?

The patches feel cooling immediately on contact. After waiting the half-hour out, I peeled them off to notice my undereye area looking more supple and hydrated. After a few weeks of use, I definitely think my under-eye situation is looking a lot better. Good thing too, as sleep isn't necessarily abundant at K.B HQ.

Here I am, rocking the patch proudly!

The Talika Eye Therapy Pouch is available on the Talika website, so stop on by and have a look.


FabDiva20 said...

That's awesome! I'm starting to get undereye wrinkles and one of these days, I'll try that.

Krasey Beauty said...

FabDiva, its good stuff for sure. It even sells on HSN! :)

GlossMenagerieDotCom said...

I wonder it any better than the cucumber or tea bag method? Would love to see a head to head (eye to eye?) smackdown. :P

Krasey Beauty said...

GlossMenagerie, I would imagine the all natural methods would be a good quick fix, but the patches provide the lasting anti-wrinkle action.

Good eye for an all natural dupe thought! ;)

Anonymous said...

Talika Eye Therapy Patch is on sale at, a Canadian website which delivers US as well.

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