Thursday, October 8, 2009

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010

I haven't commented on international fashion weeks, but that can't last much longer. The fashion and beauty lover in me is positively reeling after fully taking in all of the beauty the Spring 2010 Alexander McQueen runway show had to offer. I know I am a bit late to the party, but I wasn't feeling well enough the past couple of days to fully appreciate everything that went on during this monumental show.

Anywho, I think you will agree with me in saying the runway show display was outlandish, bizarre, and all kinds of amazing .WOW, just WOW. This folks, is creativity at its pinnacle.

Breaking it down:

Hair was taken to new heights with intricate braiding, and sky scraper height.

In a very time consuming process, models were fitted with prosthetic pieces around the eyes to give them a more alien-like appearance. Brows were bleached, lips were nuded out, and models were given a silver pallor.

The Shoes, Oh the Shoes:
I am sure most of you have seen these by now, but it bears repeating. These shoes are obviously completely unwearable, but exceptionally beautiful. I heard it through the grapevine that these shoes measured in at a whopping ten inches.

Oh McQueen, the things you do with fashion make my art loving heart very happy.

What say you, is the latest McQueen romp a foray into madness, or a stroke of brilliance?

*All photos taken from Imaxtree and NYMAG

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