Thursday, October 15, 2009

Green Never Looked so Lovely with Tarte for Fall

Since we have been going with a fall theme these past couple of weeks here on Krasey Beauty, lets continue. Fall is all about crisp leaves, warm sweaters, and a return to a more subdued color palette. To go with this theme, Tarte has launched a miniature collection in shades that evoke images of crunchy leaves, and crisp, autumn days.

Green Siren Cheek Stain- One of Tarte's signature products, the cheek stain is the perfect way to give your cheeks a just pinched, colored from within look. The newest shade, Green Siren is a coral pink with gold tones. I normally have issues with blendability of Tarte's cheek stains, but I didn't have any problems with this newer one. Perhaps they tweaked the formula since my last use?

Emphaseyes Liner Pencil in Green and Peyton Place Eyeshadow

Emphaseyes is a smudgeproof, automatic pencil liner that is super slim and designed especially to get into the hard to reach spots, like the inner rim of the eye. While I found that this didn't glide as well as a kohl, it did have great lasting power. I would have to say that as a general liner, it performs fairly well. The slim point gives you precision and maneuverability, and the smudge resistant formula gives you great lasting power. Again, the only downside is that the pencil isn't very creamy, but that is usually the case with most pencils of the water-resistant variety.

Peyton Place eyeshadow is a khaki green with strong gold notes to it. The shadow applies smoothly, and blends seamlessly, pigmented through and through. The subtle sparkle is just right.

Swatches: Liner on left, shadow on right

As if that isn't enough green for you, Tarte is committed to going green. The packaging is green (printed with soy ink), and the products tout good-for-you, "skinvigorating", green ingredients like vitamin A, vitamin E, and aloe leaf extract.

For fall, Tarte has got you covered in soft shades of green on the lids, and coral on the cheeks.

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