Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Protect Your Hair from the Sun with Miss Oops Block Your Locks


We all know that our skin is susceptible to the harsh rays of the sun (see above), but did you also know that your hair-color is just as vulnerable? Those of you with dyed hair, like me, are vulnerable to fading caused by those gosh-darned UVA and UVB rays. Said "death rays" of the sun cause the melanin and dyes in hair color to disperse, leading to lightening (highlights). Desirable for those seeking natural, sun-kissed highlights, this isn't so desirable for those of us gals who go dark, darker, darkest. Redheads are especially vulnerable, since red hair color already has the tendency to fade very, very quickly.

Once again, it is Miss Oops to the rescue with Block Your Locks hair finishing spray. Block Your Locks is a lightweight spray with SPF 15 built right in. Simply spray hair before you head out, and your color is protected in the harshest of climes.

Miss Oops Block Your Locks is a must-have for us gals that color our hair, or for those wishing to keep their dark hair dark. Block Your Locks Finishing Spray is available on the Miss Oops website, so be sure to check it out. Your haircolor will love you for it.

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