Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide- Borghese Mini Nail Polish Set

Here is one nail polish gift set that has the ability to bring a whole lot of cute to someone's stocking this holiday season. At a super affordable $10, the Borghese mini nail lacquer kit contains four glittering shades of polish in adorable little heart shaped bottles.

These sparkly polishes applied smoothly, and I found three coats to be the magic number. Drying time was average, and the only real issue I had with this polish was that the teeny tiny brush required several passes over my nail. I am finding myself pretty impressed on my first experience with the Borghese nail line. The colors and glittery finish are perfect for the holidays, and they just look so gosh darn pretty on my digits.

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Allegra- Warm, Marigold yellow with gold glittery flecks.

Red Glitter- Opaque red glitter polish with gold glitter flecks.

White Glitter- Sheer, pearly white with multicolored superfine glitters.

Black Glitter- Opaque black with silver glitter.

Altogether now

This Borghese mini lacquer set is available at your local drugstore. This is a great little stocking stuffer, if ever there was one.

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