Monday, November 9, 2009

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide- Dex New York

Being a New Yorker, I consider myself fortunate to live in a place that provides the creative backdrop for local beauty brands. DEX New York is one such company that I am oh so pleased to have discovered. Suffice it to say that I am super impressed with the products. Their signature, the customizable palette, just screams 'gift me'.

In palette: Harlem Nights Sapphire Eyeshadow, Boat House Sky Blue Eyeshadow, Hell's Kitchen Tulip Blush. Loose Pigment in Gansevoort Lavender, and lipgloss is Amsterdam Avenue Ginger.

Palette up close:

 The eyeshadow and blushes are rich, smooth, and heavy on the pigment factor. I have a love affair with mattes, which can be finicky at times, but I am happy to report that these perform beautifully. The lipgloss is smooth, super glossy, and rich without being sticky. As for the loose pigment, the DEX version is densely pigmented and sans overwhelming glitter. Bonus points to the products for having such fabulous, New York-inspired names.

The shadows, bronzers, pressed foundations, and blushes are sold in pans that are made to be popped into empty palettes. The whole line is completely customizable, and allows you to pick the colors that are right for you. What you get is a personalized palette, in color combinations that reflect your own personal style. Premade artist portfolios are also available, and are perfect for giving away. 

Swatchy goodness:



Dex is first and foremost a makeup studio, and if you live in New York, I highly recommend paying them a visit. For those of you who aren't local, not to worry; you can find all DEX products online.I am loving me some DEX for the holidays, and I think that you (or a very lucky friend) will too.

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