Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide- Kanebo Sensai

SENSAI by Kanebo is one of those beauty brands that I have heard tons of great things about, but haven't yet had the opportunity to truly appreciate. Knowing that this brand is readily accessible to those in Europe and Asia, I resigned myself to the fact that I might never have the chance to play with the line's offerings myself. Blissfully, I was wrong, as I recently learned that my taste of Asian beauty only requires a short trek over to Bergdorf Goodman. This holiday season, SENSAI introduces four new Holiday gift sets which will be offered exclusively through Bergdorf Goodman starting November 2009.

SENSAI Platinum Edition Coffret Gift Set- $80

Adorn your skin with a sheer, light layer of pure platinum and be the star of the party with this Platinum Edition Coffret Gift Set featuring the first-ever USA debut of the SENSAI Platinum Highlighting Powder. The shimmering pressed powder is formulated with both Silky Pearl Powder, Airy Powder and for the first time ever, Platinum. A soft-haired, original SENSAI brush will leave you with a flawless finish with just one stroke. Also included is the Platinum Body Lotion (1.1 oz.)– encased in a soft, black velvet clutch perfect for an evening affair.


The SENSAI Cellular Performance collection was designed for skin affected by stress and negative environmental influences – a must-have for the Holiday season when stress levels hit its annual peak and frequent travel leaves skin tired and dehydrated. This Gift Set will help revive and bring out skin’s inner beauty with a full size sample of the SENSAI Cellular Performance Cream (1.4 oz.), and a full deluxe sample size kit including the Cellular Performance Mask (0.7 oz.), Cellular Performance Lotion (1.1 oz.) and Cellular Performance Eye Contour Cream (0.07 oz.). All four products work together to leave your skin refreshed.


The SENSAI CELLULAR PERFORMANCE RECOVERY CONCENTRATE Gift Set includes everything you need for an intensive skin-energy boost, especially during the cold, blistery winter months. Featuring the Intensive Recovery Concentrate (1.4 oz.) in a full size and Intensive Recovery Concentrate Cream (0.3 oz.), Intensive Recovery Concentrate for Eyes (0.07 oz.) and an Intensive Recovery Concentrate Ampoule Treatment (0.07 oz.) to support the core product, the set addresses signs of aging, as dull skin tone, dehydration, lack of elasticity, and photo-aging at the cellular level.

Key ingredients include the signature Koishimaru Silk Extract, Shilan Extract to promote effective cellular communication using Kanebo’s exclusive “Beauty Chain Reaction” technology, CPX Vital Extract and the Oriental Relaxing Fragrance, the collection helps the fight for youthful, radiant skin. By the end of the Holiday season, your once tired skin will be stronger on a cellular and visible level, healthier, and silky smooth!

SENSAI Premier Limited Edition Gift Set- $650

The SENSAI Premier Limited Edition Gift Set includes SENSAI’s most luxurious skincare treatments from their most prestigious SENSAI PREMIER line – The Cream (1.4 oz.), Lotion (0.6 oz.) and Eye Cream (0.2 oz.).A coveted, cult favorite at Bergdorf Goodman, SENSAI PREMIER The Cream rapidly slows down the aging process, allowing skin to recover its own natural DNA repair function at the cellular level. Indigenous botanicals such as Bukuryo Extract, Seaweed Extract and Kuwa (Chinese Mulberry) from Asia are combined to improve microcirculation, reinforce the skin’s natural barrier function and restore translucency and firmness and the exclusive Moon Flower Fragrance used for the first time in the SENSAI PREMIER series promotes the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid within the skin, enhancing moisture and firmness. The deluxe sample size Lotion and Eye Cream support the full-size Cream for a complete anti-aging experience that is timeless and elegant. The SENSAI PREMIER gift set is packaged in a deluxe silk case, wonderful for storing and showing off your premier beauty items.

I must admit, that at the very least the Platinum Edition Coffret is calling my name. I do realize that some of these kits do run a bit on the expensive side, but I like that you can enjoy a lower price point on the sample sizes in the smaller kits.

Does anyone have any experience with the SENSAI line?  If you would like to check it out for yourself, all of these gorgeous gift sets are available through Bergdorf Goodman. To order by phone, the Sensai counter at Bergdorf Goodman can be dialed at 212-872-2537.

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